Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some more pics of the surprise party

Ok here's some more pics of the surprise party for Justine in her own club (I didn't put all the pics here though, you can look at more of the pics in the link below), uploaded by Ilse on the facebook group:

I wish I could do this to Justine too! Give her a teddy bear hug and kiss! 
I want your autographed tennis balls! 
The big big present for Ju...
Ta da! It's the artistic olympic lamp!
Even Deuce couldn't turn its eyes away from it!
Another gift for Justine
Her precious moments in one big frame, I want that BoB pic in the frame 
That little gal on the left seems to be interested in Justine revealing the special items
I just wanna drool at Ju strong arm in this pic 
Justine, you're as beautiful as the flowers
Give me that shirt pls? 
Justine is so busy receiving the warm hugs from her fans that time
that Deuce feels so left out and lonely...oh Deuce!
And my fren saw her this set of pics and also commented that Justine looked so much prettier and younger! Ju, you made the right choice of the hairstyle~! Super love your big eyes, so cute! 

And I'm tired, off to bed now~ Good night! And oh Federer was out =( but he had accomplished much, and should be proud of himself, his game remains as beautiful as ever, just like Ju =)

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