Sunday, June 26, 2011

So Good to See Justine (pics)

Sorry for away from blogging. Been away for 2 days of happy outings with my crazy frenz!!! But as soon as I'm at home with Internet, I'll sure go to Facebook to check for any Justine's news from the groups! Thank you Ilse and Danielle for the info...I'll wait for Ilse to upload her photos while in the meantime, I'm gonna post some of the pics from Danielle.

Merci Danielle pour les photos, you can also view the photos from

Finally after wishing so much to see her new hairstyle and also her eyes, nose, mouth, basically her whole head, my wish was granted: (All captions are my own craps...)
I love you Justine, so good to see your face! 
And of course, your bright smile! I personally think this photo is simply delicious to my eyes! 
Oops! A candid photo of Justine, she looks like she's about to carry a 100KG of stuff O.0 
Oh this warm gentle look from Justine...will drive my heart crazy! 
Even when the pic is blur, her smile is as sharply bright as ever! 
Ju, take care of yourself, you know what I mean?
The knowledgeable Justine, the sage Justine... 
This is just another collection of her motherly smiles 
Justine getting so skinny, look at how thin her arms are from behind...her back is like all bones, oh Juju, eat more! 
Simply Beautiful!!!! I just love this side view pic of her with her new hairstyle! 
Looking younger and younger! 
I think the guy behind got mesmerized by Ju's beauty that he lost the focus! Hahaha! No offense, handsome guy!
So this is the "100KG" stuff that she's trying to carry earlier on? 
Who does she looks like? 
Someone: "Marry Me, Justine!"
Justine: "Yeah, in your dreams! Unless you're Mr Cute!" 
Cheeky laugh from Juju, always cheers one up! 
I can foresee Justine to be one of the best mamas in the whole universe!  That's Carlos's son and Ju's godson. 
What's with this look? Hahaha, super pouting Juju!  
2 beautiful ladies, and an imaginary human Justine is trying to kiss 
Rockstar Babe! 
Justine the strong! Haha, wad a unique "Olympic lamp" Ju is holding. 
Maybe Justine's face should be printed on the lamp too!
Another Someone: "I love you Justine!"
Justine: "Haiz~ it can't be help when I'm so cute!!!!"
Ju, you Rox! I can use this as my 100th display pic for my phone! 
Big hand: "And may I introduce our beautiful, intelligent, talented, kind-hearted, elegant, cute, fun loving, discreet, charitable, delicious Justine Henin!!!"
Justine:" Hahahahahahaha! Just call me Ju." 
Justine admiring the big art piece of her photos placed together
Ok, for once, the focus isn't on Justine but this artistic lamp
The sweet looking Justine, unaware of the camera ;-)
Again, the handsome loses his focus, but Justine doesn't mind! Look at this sly look from Ju!
Ju:"I wish to have such a cute child in the future...hehehehe"
Boy:"I feel someone's beautiful eyes are looking at my handsome face"
I wonder what's Justine is looking at? The big wisdom book?
And this is the cute triangle smile that I like ^v^
Can anyone help to caption this? My private limited self dictionary is running out of words!
Nice hair colour and texture, and I always love your sharp nose
again the same 2 beautiful ladies ^^
Lovely pic
Nah, I'm tired of the same guy behind, so I won't mention about him...
Ju is such a romantic person, who always dream of a romantic kiss
If you drank alot of Carlsberg and have a vision like this, don't worry, a look at gorgeous Justine will make you sober
This is my 101th phone display pic then!
Oh, Ju still keeps some muscles on her arm, though she lost a lot of muscles mass already... 
The intelligent Justine reading the wordless Wisdom book! Seriously, what is there to read? Maybe only Justine can read it
Crossed fingers Big Hand: "Justine, I love how you smiles, I really love your look!"
Justine:"Oh is it? how about this look?"
Crossed fingers Big Hand: "I pray...."
Justine:"Oh come on, my face is so cute!!! And full of emotions!" 
Is that Mr Cute besides Justine? 

And this pic below discovered by greenout:
Love ya 4eva, Justine!
*edit: I forgot to add in this pic! Did Deuce had a new "haircut" too? And I think Deuce is back to its black fur, thought for once it had turned abit gray..this is Deuce right? 

Thank you for the photos, Justine, and the cameras, and the ppl who took the beautiful photos! I just can't get enough of Justine but she is really very charming, I can comment about the hair, I actually kinda like it, because it makes her looks younger and youthful, full of spirits! Don't worry, Justine still didn't miss her elegance and still as sophisticated as ever, because the Queen look is part of her and will stick with her like superglue. And I also just had a haircut yesterday but mine is like the shape of a mushroom or coconut! =X (Hey @Richard Lam, since you're reading this, I hope you're not offended, I love my hairstyle for sure, just wanna add some bad humour to it =P cheers!)

Ok, these pics will keep me happy for quite sometime b4 I started to miss Justine again~


  1. Wow Justine looks great as usual :) It's so cool how she can wear anything, like the leather jacket she's rocking :) I have to say that Wimbledon is making me miss Ju out on court, and her beautiful tennis :( All the best for Roger Federer, he is the only one I support now, Ju and Rogi are alike cos they are true class :)
    Allez Ju, glad to see you again! <3

  2. Hi Sarah, as I love this Justine! Haha, she's a model in everything! Role model to be a humble sports person, super model for clothings and a tennis model to be the best tennis player!

    I don't even bother about Wimbledon anymore, hate the grass even if it's very beautiful and disliked the boastful Williams fans who always used Wimbledon to diss Justine. Such childishness from them..haiz~

    Anyway, for sure, I think only Justine's and Roger's games are of high entertainment value and very artistic. That's how Tennis should be played, true class indeed!

    Thank you Justine for smiling in front of the cameras, I hope you stay happy with your love. And hope to see more of you in the future!

  3. She really is a role model for everything, with a sweet personality too :)
    I personally really like Wimbledon, it's a great and prestigious tournament, it's a shame Ju never won a title there. Ugh its so lame when they always resort to Wimbledon in making them sound better players, if only Ju won it one year and was able to make the Williams fans' shut up for a bit :P
    Roger and Ju are true tennis stars, their brand of tennis is so elegant and aesthetic, I think Rolex figured that out too lol xD
    Yes thankyou Justine for giving us a smile, hope all is well and that we can continue to see more of you :D

  4. Well Sarah, the haters have super foul big mouths and won't shut up till the day they die..but no, I'm not cursing at them cos I dun even bother about them, dun wanna reduce my IQ talking about them =)

    Justine always had this Queen look in her, the elegance and it's good that Adidas and Rolex get to notice this part of her. No female tennis star wears the Rolex watch much better than her imo. Beautiful Justine should appear more! :D