Monday, June 13, 2011

Justine the "inspirer"!

Yesterday I've been to the IT fair to buy myself a Camera ;-)  My camera had been spoilt for years and I'm too lazy to go and shop for one. Anyway, thanks to my fren Richard for accompanying me, really appreciated it! The only sad thing was, I knew there's only ONE copy of Justine Henin Tie break! in one of the Libraries in the whole Singapore!!!
So I was excited to go borrow it since I've last checked that it was not on loan, guess what? The book got lost, f**k it! Whoever stolen the book, pls return it, I know you love Justine as much as I do but don't be so selfish leh...and I can't believe the whole SG only got one book of her in only one library and how "lucky" I am to discover in the end that the only book was missing as well?

Oh Justine, why why? You're forcing me to really fly over to Belgium just to take a chance to meet you, maybe if I really do fly over, judging from my unluckiness, in my whole lifetime, I'll nv meet you. Sad....

Sorry, got a little irrational and emotional just now due to the hot weather and my super athletic running nose. ;-P

And Justine, you're so amazing that you inspired really many youngsters! Yes, I'm slow to find out this youtube video but check this out!

A 1 handed backhand little girl who is inspired by Justine ;-)
Nice tennis out there, hope she continues the sport! 

And recently a new video from the same uploader:

Hope she gets as successful as Justine in the future! It may interest me to watch Women's tennis again if more of Juju-alikes are on tour!

Oh and I've been trying for days to upload the Stuttgart 2010 matches of Justine, I only had the QF, SF and F matches all downloaded from the chinese Baidu forum, but I was surprised that it took me about 5 hours to just upload 1 part of the video, cos it's HD. Guess it will take me weeks to fully upload all of the Stuttgart 2010 vids!
Here's 2 screencaps of the quality of the video:
Sorry, not a good picture of Justine here, she looked tired =X 
Ju doing a backhand ballet dance with Jankovic acting as Marilyn Monroe ;D

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