Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Pics of Justine

Sometimes I really love the Internet, they provide a great source of data you want. I found these pics through Justine's FB pages and from Google search:

Too bad Justine didn't really act in this show I think. She looks so hot and beautiful! Nice hairstyle!
And who needs some ballet dancing on clay? The above two provides the solution to mastering great scissors legs ballet dance on court, the fee is not cheap though...they are professional instructors
This is a very large size wallpaper, click for the actual resolution..i've posted this pic b4 but that pic was very small, I've finally found a large one like this one.
And I think I only want to make this into a badge without the words. Ju has nice big eyes and handsome smile ;-)
This pic is super small, but it's our cute "boy boy" Justine! Already got that champion look in her since young! Those killer instinct! 

I wanna blog about her beautiful dance on court, cos I think Justine is actually a great dancer just that she didn't realize it! We have Petkovic for her Petkorazzi dance, Justine can have her jujuicy dance.


  1. Juju looks really pretty in the first photo, and I agree about her hairstyle. It's always nice to see Justine having fun and taking part in things :)
    Maybe I missed something but that picture of Ju with the oranges always gets me, I don't really know what it's about xD
    The circular pic is nice, it shows Juju's cuteness and indeed her handsome smile :)
    All the best Juju! <3

  2. Hi Sarah, for sure Justine is very beautiful, I love her hairstyle in the 1st photo. I hope she would try more things under some media attention (My selfishness to seeing her again in news)

    Haha, I think this is the real "Orange bowl" with cute Justine in it! Maybe it has too many oranges that gets you?

    It always amazes me at how beautiful and handsome she can be at the same time, and also being cute too! She has this handsome smile that would charm girls and beautiful eyes that would charm the guys ;-)

    Ju, we miss you~

  3. Aww you're not being selfish, I'm sure we would all love to see more of her because we love her so much <3
    The oranges pic is sweet, hmm I think maybe it looks like an advertisement or something :)
    I know, Juju posseses both handsomeness and cuteness, with beauty both girls and guys can see :)
    Hope to see more of you Ju <3

  4. Haha Sarah, I guess all fans would have the same wish to see more of her. That pic is an advertisement for Tropicana drink I think.

    Sometimes, I wish Justine was born as a man, at least I wouldn't be that confused ;P but then a man with such cuteness...eh.. XD no no no...think it's fated we have such a beautiful cute handsome gal.

    Come on Justine, makes some news!

  5. We all sure would :) Ohh I see, I was wondering whether tropicana was some kind of product xD
    Haha, well she is so pretty it can have an affect on us, if I were to turn gay it would probably be for her lol :) loll yeah let's keep it the normal way shall we xD

    Yes Juju, shine a lil' brighter so we can see :)

  6. Haha, Tropicana does sounds like Tropical fruits thing so I wasn't surpised it was eh..I think Orange juice drink? With so many oranges in the bowl, I supposed it is lol!

    I guess I'm attracted to both her handsome and beautiful side. I always told my friends too that Justine is so special that if I were to turn les, it would be all because of her only, but other than her, I would consider myself to be straighter than a metal ruler. =X

    Come on Justine, Allez Justine, shines brighter even if it makes me blind by your brightness!