Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tennis Court Dance

Ok, I broke my promise of saying to blog yesterday but I went out again yesterday so didn't have the time to blog. And I've always wanted to blog about Ju's beautiful ballet dancing on court, so today I'm gonna crap about it!

I've always think of Justine to be a very good dancer, just that she didn't realise...and warning! Pictures overload below and all my craps!

This is the ballet twist and flat belly dancing! 
The sitting position-wobbly legs dance 
Ice skating dance 

"I believe I can fly" dance, see this flying juju, better than the aeroplane! 
Human Puppet dance
Robotic dance 1-see how straight Justine is..tilted at an approximate angle of 25 degrees
Robotic dance 2

Her famous yoga leg splitting dances:
Her leg is totally 90 degrees straight apart
The "waitress serving dishes" dance
The "saving dishes from falling to ground" dance
Legendary swordswoman dance

The "OMG" Dance:
The ice hockey sports dance
"You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, and you shake it all do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around"
 that's what it's all about!
Half Squat dance
Ju talking to her imaginary partner for tango (or whatever dance that needs a partner) dancing
Scissors legs dancing is back!
The new tap dancing
This is a weird dance named "Tower of Pisa + Statue of Liberty"
Ice Skating dance 2
Ice Skating Dance 3 with a cute face 
Wonder woman advancing dance

The Eagle flying dance:

Jumping Juju dance:

And lastly, the one legged tip toed ballet dance:
 Ok, I've crapped enough and I know my creativity and humour sucks, so do pardon me if this post is super boring to you, I'm just a very lame gal and only using this blog to keep missing our little great champion Justine! Oh Juju, Ju, can't you at least show your face at the camera screen for a little while occasionally? You have great looks and you know it!


  1. ST, Your posts are never boring, at least not to me. We must have gone to the same school of humor, because you always crack me up. I'm suffering from boredom myself. That is what being at home for over four weeks recovering from surgery does for you. At least now though I can view your blog without the risk of rupturing my stitches and inflicting more pain on myself, which happened when I viewed your blog after coming home from hospital.

    You have a wonderful view of things, and an eye for detail which as someone else who likes to look closely at pics, I really appreciate. The "Eagle" with wings in full flight, the "imaginary partner" and the "Ice-skating" very funny, but true. I'm sure Justine would have been approached to do "Dancing With The Stars" and maybe one day she will take up the offer, following in the footsteps of other players, namely Hingis and Todd Woodbridge.

    Maybe when you are feeling really bored, you could come up with a slow motion video version of this post. Although Justine's most famous dance "The Quickstep" would have to be at full speed.

    <3 ya work, and thanks for relieving the boredom.

  2. Thank you Annmarie! Haha, sometimes I think my posts are too boring and lame and the jokes are repeatedly used which had lost their effects, and even the pics are reused even though I've stored like 1TB of her pics (ok, exaggerated) but I can't seem to find a topic to group the pics and caption them but I'll try to keep updating this blog even if it's dead O.O boring...

    What happened? I hope it's nothing too serious and that after the surgery you'll be fine. The thought of having a surgery scares me, praying good health for you. It already pains me for Justine, I don't want any of my frenz to go thru it as well.

    I too hope she'll do some dancing and showed us her talent but seems like right now, Mr bertuzzo aka Mr cutie is entertaining her well. But it would be good if he treats her right...hopefully he's her right guy and I hope to see real little Juju in the future.

    And I agree, Justine is too fast to compete against a flying fly, sometimes I think her 2 legs are much more faster than a centipede!

    Once again, thanks for visiting this blog and as always, I hope you'll enjoy it (trying my best to add some entertainment value in it)

    God bless all!

  3. Hey! Hope your feeling better Annmarie. Hospital? Surgery? Yeah, ST's blog puts a smile on my face too. :) The weather's gotten better here. :) I'm rather bored too, in fact the big anticipation is for next week when "Royal Pains" returns next week on tv.

    See Justine it's all your damn fault!!!!!!! I'm now stuck to looking forward to lightweight summer tv shows on download. lol. ;)

    It's ridiculous. But sad and true. The idea and time watching Dr. Hank, Evan, Jill and Resma in the Hamptons doing 1 medical emergency rescue, and a few almost romantic moments (seems to always be a dinner or lunch date scene) is better than Yanina "Only Belgian WTA player on tour from Belgium" Wickmayer at Wimbledon. (Ugh...) This is a very cheap tv show, they seem to only do one "take". The actors only get the scrips right before they film that day.

    [Resma! Don't go thru with that arranged marriage!. Evan stop being sooo annoying and ask her out on a date!!!]

    Geez... Happy summer everyone! ( ;) Give me a break. We're all allowed one guilty pleasure light ice cream break eating time tv show to view. )

  4. Hi Greeny,
    I so envy you, at least you can get your entertainment from TV shows..oh Justine, it's all your Justine's withdrawal symptoms are greater. In the past I still got watched some HK shows and other dramas but ever since Ju came into my life, I started to watch her tennis and now she left, I have to interest to watch tennis nor any other dramas anymore...Oh Justine!

    This year Wimbledon, I don't know who to root for, anyone who wins it, I can only feel sad and a bit of unfairness for Justine but well...maybe I shouldn't care for much since it's such a mess now for the women's side, anything can happen, and I have no other fav players to root for. If Ju can't play, and Dementieva had retired, I have no one to root for.

    Hehe, I feel like eating ice cream too, so freaking hot! But now going off for dinner~maybe my tummy will explode!