Friday, June 3, 2011

Gonna be MIA again~

I'm off to Chalet today until Sunday, think will blog again after Monday. And I'm so happy Justine tweeted again, though it's short and simple but it's sweet! Just like Justine now, I'm enjoying spending some time with my frenz, my social circle is actually very small, so I only have a few frenz. It's great to have these few frenz by your side and laugh and have fun!

I'm sure Justine is certainly enjoying her beautiful moments with her frenzy. I don't mind if she didn't have the habit of tweeting every few min, in fact, I tend to think that Justine will tweet 1 per yr, just wish her eternal happiness and bliss! So wanna see her smile again!

This year French Open, I didn't watch a single full match, only to follow the results, for the women's side, this final, whoever wins, I don't really care, at least the 3 that I don't want them to win are out of the draw. As for the men's side, it's really the top 4 that are still in the draw which showed that ATP is much more stable in terms of skills and consistency. Gals, you all better buck up and add in more varieties in your games. Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch today's men's SF, I'm more interested in Federer Vs Djokovic match. I don't know who to root for but I like Federer more for his game, but I'm fine with Novak.

Good luck to the guys!


  1. Hello ST,

    Roger Won against Novak! wooohoooooo ;D
    I watch the whole match and good thing Roger didn't disappoint...I abandon my work, and sleep just to see him beat the crap out of Djoko -LOL
    I watch a bit of Rafa and Murray's match too...and I thought Murray was a good tactician? his only tactics was to hit to Rafa's backhand and wait gazillions of rally for an opening...he couldn't even hit a clean DTL backhand...grrrr

    Anyhow, he played really well on the first game, only the 1st game! Ha, good thing it's gonna be Roger and Rafa on the finals. Yeah, I'm going to watch it!

    Though, in Roger's match he didn't come to the net as much as he could, at least he still have incredible defensive skills to neutralize Novak's speedy balls.

    How I wish I'm also watching Justine play on clay in front of my tv around very early morning...ahhhh, I miss Justine's tennis so much.

    Sorry for my rant here ST, Roger just made me so happy today ;D


  2. hihi Sly, I'm so glad Roger won Novak though I like Novak too but I like Roger more =P

    I gave up watching the finals( it's showing here now) after watching the first set, can't believe Roger blew it up! He's such a ...Grrr!

    I super miss Justine, Li Na won the French Open but I'm not in the least bit interested in her game though she's the first Asian woman to win a GS I think. It doesn't even seems like a clay court game, oh Justine, no one will ever play as beautiful game as you do...

    Come on Roger, at least put on some fight, you choker!

  3. Indeed grrrrr! He was leading and playing superbly until that last few points serving for the set in the 1st. Ahhhhhrgh, hate it, though I notice he doesn't have the confidence with his match against Novak, he was surely playing very slowly too to make Nadal feel very tired, but couldn't push through with this plan as his shots abandoned him.

    I've seen Justine-Laser-Like-Backhands specially crosscourt, Roger surely beefed up his BH for Rafa and it was a joy to watch. And he went to the net a lot of times too. I'm so sad he lost but Rafa having this record for himself tying Bjorn was also very nice for him.

    It was my birthday yesterday and it was also at the very last hour when he lost that 1st set...given the 5-2 lead, I don't know why he doesn't have this confidence in his service games that day. I'll sure watch Roger's Wimby matches for sure, after all he's the only guy that could live up to the quality of plays I like. Allez Roger ;D

  4. Oh hi Sly, happy belated belated birthday!!

    It's a pity Roger couldn't hold his service games and sort of self destructed in some ways but well, Rafa is a great mover on clay though I still prefer Roger. At least the men's side is so much more exciting and higher quality. I super miss Justine, I was watching some of her old clips yesterday, from tennis to non tennis clips. I also watched last yr AO when she was playing against Wickmayer and how she saved 3 set points to win the 1st set. Justine is always so calm on court, so daring to move forward even if that point is the crucial point against her. Oh Justine, you should've born as a man, your playing style suits ATP more, and if only you're stronger and taller.

    Sorry, I keep on emphasizing how Justine would have a greater success if she was stronger and taller, I'll get back to reality now, but I'll miss Justine always! Hope Roger would win his Wimbledon!