Thursday, June 9, 2011


Haha, yesterday night, or should I say today at 00:00 (9/6/11), I am those typical anxious ppl who would stayed up for the "judgement period"->my uni result was out and well it was my last study sem in uni. Ok, the results not too bad, just mediocre. No As, no Cs, just in between with some + and -. But I'm not totally able to grad from uni, still have my Industrial attachment to go.

And I'm down with flu but still going out for dinner later, hopefully I still can get to taste the food...
Eh, I think Ju in this pic looks more sick than me.. =X

Speaking of studying, I read somewhere b4 that Justine didn't finish her studies in college or in dunno what level. And when she first retired in 2008, I think she wanna go back and finish her studies but not sure she got do so or not. Wouldn't she be a super senior student there? (or did I mixed up some other ppl's stories with Justine's?)

I know Justine is a very clever girl, you can see it from her look, and also the way she played on court, she planned the points to destroy her opponents ;-) Plus, her harry potter look in the past seems to validate the fact that she's a special bookworm who excels in sports and a very hardworking one.

Pls forgive me Justine for posting these photos, as usual I'm a bad fan of you, sorry about that:
A nerdy Justine look!
She was just a simple gal living a hard life..

She grown up to be
 such a cutie! What a big difference between this pic and the above pics!

 Ok, I'm gonna go drink my honey lemon, and hopefully I'll feel better. Stop the marathon, stupid nose!


  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm finally in the (humid) thick of things again. Arrived last weekend in Singapore - sorted out my bank accounts etc... Now I need some decent shoes for work.

    It's really great to be back in Singapore. Loads of stuff going on here, but the rain and muggy conditions are killing me. Finally gotten over the jetlag, but the air is so soggy that my clothes can't dry properly. I'll have to shell for a "dryer". A bit of a hassle to purchase one, but I moved to Bukit Timah, and it's definetely rain foresty here.

    I did get to see Li Na's match on Tv - and I'm very pleased with her win. :)

  2. Hi Greeny,

    glad to see you're back in SG, so are you permanently staying here? Yes it's always raining these days and even Singapore gets to flood! And everytime it floods, some of my frenz will say another 50 years had passed (if you know what I mean) ;)

    Bukit Timah, you can go hiking on the hill there! The air should be fresher over there unlike mine where there's a shipyard nearby to sometimes smell the oil burning.

    And just as you had wished for a non GS player to win RG! And good news is, Justine's academy in China will definitely get a boost with Li Na's win! And Justine is the Queen of Clay! Allez!