Saturday, March 12, 2011

God Bless Them All

Thank you greeny for the well wishes to all asia Ju fans and any ppl affected in the earthquake. God pls have mercy, and give peace to the world! Feel so sad to see the world seems to be tearing apart with so many natural disasters struck!

~Let us pray for the safety and yes, peace to all ppl~
*God Bless them all*
May our prayers be heard, pls...


  1. I am praying for everyone over there, and that the worst is over. Peace to all <3

  2. Yes, peace to all, god pls if you ever existed, stop the sufferings, thank you very much in advance!

  3. Like most of you, I am very concerned with the situation in Japan right now...Japan is very dear to me and my heart really sank and feel for the Japanese fact every news I watch is all about the earthquake in Japan, I hope and is very positive Japan can overcome this difficult situation they are in.

  4. Sly, Japan is in a very messy state now, there's Tsunami, Earthquake and nuclear plant explosion in Japan, holy shit! Can't imagine the situation in Japan now, I read from the news that there's more than 2000 lying corpses on the bay, maybe the death toll will rise to a huge number, I just hope all these will stop.
    God have mercy pls!