Thursday, March 10, 2011

Justine's matches download

A very good site for those who wanna relive Justine's great tennis, this site provides the links of most of her matches to download.

Can anyone pls help to download the matches of Justine from this site, especially the orange coloured links. Pls don't let the links expired. Let her matches be available for download forever! I'm pretty busy these few weeks to download all the orange links, but I'll download some of them. That site is not my site but it's the only site where most of Justine's past matches can be found and downloaded. Let's keep it alive, thank you!
After all, her beautiful superb tennis should continue to live in our  s


  1. Love the picture, yes I'll download some :) I havent seen many of Ju's classic matches but I watched some highlights of vs Capriati at the US Open and it gave me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing, yes indeed we keep to keep her art alive!
    Forever and ever Juju <3

  2. Yes, Ju looks very handsome and suave in that pic with a killer instinct. I think the best match is still her US open 2007 SF against Venus Williams, that one has all the climax you need with Justine laid out all her lethal weapons and her net volleys are simply beautiful and her backhand too! Yummy!

    You can also watch YEC 2007 final against maria Sharapova which is a battle of physical endurance. The longest finals match of YEC ever think. Her matches are simply very nice to watch because of her great skills and timing of her shots plus the variety she puts in. You can hardly see that in the women tennis now. Some girls are talented but they just lack the courage to play with variety, sad to see that so. Hopefully, Justine's tennis academies can produce more of her similar playing style good players.

    After all, Justine is the one who defines tennis as art =)

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I want to send out a Hello to all our Japan based, and Asia Ju-fans. I hope you are all doing fine, and if coping with the aftershocks or problems from the Tsunami please know that we are thinking and praying for your well being.

    Whenever there is a ripple in the earth it effects all of us. As Justine fans I know we have especially deep empathy to people and each other.

    I live on Oahu in the state of Hawaii, and it was yes there were sirens throughout the evening warning people living on beachfront homes or near the oceans to evacuate due to possible freak high tidal problems from tsunami and the Pacific Ocean.

    Luckily nothing did occur over here, so it turned out to be only a problem for people who couldn't sleep in their homes last night.

    Stay strong!

  4. Thank you Greenout for the concern to the asia Ju fans. I will pray too for those affected and hope they will be fine, really wished no more disasters occur again, just no more.

    It's really sad to see so many disasters occurring almost at once or an increased frequency in the happenings. Greeny, you take good care of yourself and stay alert always.

    ~*~Praying for safety and peace for all~*~

  5. Thanks for the recommendations Chia, they do sound yummy :D I love when Juju plays, she isn't just giving her all physically, but emotionally. You can really see everything going on inside of her in her beautiful eyes <3

    That's right, you always know a Justine fan has warmth in their heart, I pray for everyone affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis.

  6. You're welcomed Sarah, most of Ju's matches are yummy with her arrays of weapons displayed on court ^^ She gives her 200% in her games unless she's physically exhausted or mentally blocked by outside factors. Her eyes are what captured my attention in the first place like a pair of magnets.

    We just wish everyone to have good health and be safe. Wouldn't want to hear any tragedies and no more casualties. Japan is in a messy state now for the areas affected by the disasters and the nuclear explosion as a resultant. Hope more countries are helping them to rebuild their nation.

  7. Oh, I always check Poetry In Motion... I hope I'm also helping the site just by clicking the orange links... ;D

    I hope rottweily can keep the site forever...I'll try to contact him again... and helped uploading some matches that aren't posted there yet...I hope future generation of tennis players can watch lots of JH matches and learn true tennis from our Queen. ;D

  8. Yes sly, it's all thanks to you that I've get to know this great site! You've introduced that site to me, remember?

    And yup, I wonder how is rottweily now, though I've nv tried to contact him b4 but I really wanted to thank him for the efforts in creating that site and the brilliant idea of keeping her matches download alive, really love the rollover information of how many days b4 the links are expired, very useful.

    And yup, I hope the future generation of tennis players will get to appreciate Justine's tennis and be learnt of the true artistic way of playing a good tennis game. I hope they will say: "So that's how tennis should have been played!" after watching Ju's tennis.