Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vids vids, YT pls don't delete them (blah blah blah)

Gonna upload some of Ju's videos onto youtube today but since all the videos are "stolen" from various sites, I'm not sure if youtube will eventually suspend my account or not =X

Ok, I admit I ain't a very good person with full integrity, though I do not support the idea of piracy, I downloaded programs and games illegally and also sort of "stolen" Ju's videos from various site and upload them onto youtube, but I hereby wanna say it again that I do not own all the videos uploaded, it's obvious but as much as I wanted to give full credits to the original source, I always found my bad habit of forgetting the source (not doing this on purpose but I really had a short term memory and I didn't take note of the sources).

All I can say is most of them I found on tudou, chinese baidu, dailymotion, rtbf, sporza or other websites where possible "Ju's traces" can be found and I think all of the videos, Ju's hardcore fans surely had seen them all b4, alright to cut it short, I just wanted to find a place to gather all Justine's videos that I have, be it for my own entertainment or to share with any fellow Ju's fans (who happened to stumble upon this blog and discovered the YT account) who hasn't seen some of the vids. That's my real intention, so if anyone thinks there's an infringement of copyright thing, I am terribly sorry about that.

Anyway, when I've uploaded most of them (which may takes yrs judging from my current timetable and laziness meter), I'll post a link here to my account, for me it doesn't matter if the vids have low view counts (right now, I try not to put tags with "Justine Henin", it would be better maybe so that youtube won't find out and suspend my account, maybe in the future, I'll change the tag to her name). But I still do not have the resources and time to cut match videos and upload there, so mostly are her off court videos.

Anyway, I'm gonna be busy again, so not focusing on uploading the vids that much, meanwhile I'll try my best to update this boring blog when I'm free. God, I miss Justine, haven't stop thinking about her since day 1 of my obsession in her, I'm not crazy....not yet.

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