Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just some dose of Ju

Saw the news on FB, let me share the news here as well since we all pretty much miss Juju...Though it's only less than a min of clip, but we should be contented (I don't think we may see her in the media again in the future, at least not for better cherish this opportunity)

The link:

Here's with some screen caps:
Ju is talking to the cute guy again ^^
I always love her side view, yah, I said this b4.. 
With this look from Ju, if I'm the guy, I wouldn't be able to take it...the 1000000000000 Volts! Feel your heart pumping to the max cutie boy!
What's with this look? 

Go go...go to the forum to download a copy if you can't view it from the site! (I can't view it in my country SG) 

Do we get the chance to see her again under the media spotlight? Hope so...but seems like Ju is focusing on her academies and wanna lives a simple life. Can't help feeling sad for this reason but then again, feeling happy and relieved that she's going on well with her life and hope to see her legacy of beautiful tennis continues with her academies! Allez Justine!


  1. I better watch that video soon, I will once I get on an actual computer :P I miss Juju too, it would be nice to see her in the spotlight for her projects with UNICEF (a warm heart she has :) and not for bad press and evil Williams followers...
    Keep up the blog Chia, I don't mind what you do on here, I just need a bit of Juju in my life :) We all love to see her pretty face on here :)
    Allez Ju, you have all of my support <3

  2. Hi Sarah, it's about 53 sec video, a very short one but precious. Haha, yes she has a warm heart unless some others and she does so without the need to publicize saying how much charity work she does.

    I will blog after Friday when my French test is over, currently a bit busy but still loving Ju as much as b4 and always will be <3

  3. French test! Oh, I wish I had studied French! Hope it goes well. I miss and still love Ju. Wish she would write us a note. .. Thanks for all the great pics too. Some of those as a child I had not seen before. :-)

  4. Hi Christie, yes French test. It's basic french level one but since I nv learn b4, it will be super tough for me.
    I hope so too that Ju would write us something. And you're welcomed, I hope you enjoyed reading here.

    Sarah, a typo I had above, *unless->unlike.