Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Justine's possible activities

So we saw on Danielle's facebook page for Justine on Sunday that Justine had just came back from her holidays in skiing:

Finally some news about her and glad she's keeping on smiling and happy and cheerful, today's boring topic would be Justine's possible activities whether it's during vacation or not, haha! I've always wondered how is it like to be able to ski in the snow? Singapore has no snow and I nv tried skiing on the artificial snow, but I tried ice skating which I always helped them to resurface their ice with my flat and dented butt and the scar I've gotten there since months ago is still present on my leg but much lighter colour.

And she went skiing, is Europe still in Winter season now? My geography is poor so I do not know the climate and places...
Remember this mission? Ju switches role with Carlos as an instructor to him ^^
Ju seems pretty skillful in skiing, wonder at what age did she start to ski or did she just learn it after her 1st retirement? She has some super learning abilities and active sports genes, definitely a diligent intelligent girl, lol at Carlos penguin style, oops!

Uh Oh ...be careful Justine, skiing can be dangerous plus your elbow's not healed yet (so is she gg for surgery or not?) Anyway, nice you're laughing so cheerily even when falling...
The video of Ju's ski and how she falls like the pic above..Allez Allez, haha! Seems like a french favourite word, even my french teacher also loves to say "Allez"

Other possible activities she could have done?
Go shopping and dressing up, girls stuffs, I think I posted this pic b4, Ju is the outstanding one with her golden colour, look so royal
Yeah, shop shop
Appreciating the kids' arts and maybe draw her own portrait
Dancing and singing again, that's what we fans super love <3 and drool about
Come on, give me straight flush! Big money, big money!
Gambling! It's ok if you gamble for leisure and not making heavy bets and also not to make an obsession of it. It can be addictive so be careful and not get sucked into the evils of Gambling...Oh Ju is so skinny that time
Driving around the cities with Deuce (camouflaged behind the black steering wheels) while enjoying the sceneries, look at Ju's big eyes, stay alert!
Playing unknown games...this pic seems like she's doing a shot-put like game
Posing with handsome cute guys, yummy~ Ju looks cute too! Sorry if this guy's a celebrity and I dunno his name
Doing some day dreaming...yeah, this is an activity too which I always do almost everyday in school, but Ju probably is doing some meticulous thinking about some important stuffs
Learning and playing some hard rock! Oh yeah, C'mon baby! Nice electronic? guitar!
Travelling in the desert and riding the camels
Travel to beautiful places like Dubai, exploring places
Playing Basketball? Damn, she's so miniature size with the guys around her like giants!
 oh Ju, your ball toss is just like the one you did in tennis
Modelling <3
Visiting the zoo or circus, love for animals, yeah!
Playing and teaching leisure tennis with the kids (supposing it won't risk her elbow)
Go Disney land with the kids and hopefully one day for her role as a mum..why is goofy in Adidas too? 
Caring for the needy kids...Wish I have a sister like Ju, and not a childish brother (ok lah, I love my brother too)
Working on with her "Justine For Kids" foundation and continue to give more hope and future to the needy kids 
Ambassador of the Unicef Belgium and doing her best to help the poor and needy ppl

The youtube video of Justine in Cambodia by 

Spending sweet moments with her family and relatives and frenz
Managing her wonderful great club-"Club Justine N1", which I so wanted to visit one day...god pls let me have a good job in the future and earn some good bucks so I have the money to travel with my family to her club in Belgium...her club website here and facebook 
And her hard work babies...6th sense tennis academies, where she aspires to train potential tennis players with great skills and passion and also correct values which they should adopt to be the best just like her. Her Belgium academy site here and facebook

And maybe also to train for marathon ;-p
I always think running in the stadium is boring but with such a beautiful stadium (is this even a stadium?) like this, I wouldn't mind jogging/running everyday in it.
Outdoor run is much more fun and enjoy the sceneries while jogging, which is why some ppl choose to join marathon overseas to enjoy the different sceneries in different countries..provided they really had a lot of money =X
Yeah, sprint! Sports for life! Justine is such a runner! I believe she can sprint very fast, but normally they said sprinters are for short distance and those long distance runners cannot be sprinters because they need to preserve their energy for the last few meters sprint. Is that true? I don't know but sounds logical

With this, I ends my boring post, now really finding the time to study...and am really super busy soon, so not sure when I get to blog again here with Ju's pics or maybe sudden boring randomness ranting will appear on this blog again...
Allez Justine! I love ya! <3 Muacks, here come my saliva kiss again 

* just saw the stupid article by Paul Marshall on google news, where the very first line he claimed to say that Justine had no humour, excuse me, but do you know her personally to make this claim? How humourous are you then? Ok you're humourous enough to make your article a big whole joke, don't drag her in when you ain't gonna talk about anything that's really related to her.


  1. Thanks Chia for all of the lovely photos, her smile makes me happy :) I like the guitar one a lot (I play guitar) lol I wonder how she would look rocking out hehe :) such a busy lady, and stunning as always <3
    Allez Juju!

  2. Thank you Sarah, yes her smile is always so cute and beautiful. Sure you like the guitar one, haha, I wonder if Ju really plays guitar or just posing in that pic only. Both of you can form a team rocking out! Just to keep herself busy as always. Allez!

  3. Juju is so cute lol :) Hmm that's an interesting thought, if she doesn't learn yet I can teach her xD Yay that would be fun, she has a great voice as well :D
    Miss you Ju <3

  4. Yeah Sarah, that would be interesting isn't it? Imagine you be able to teach Ju how to play guitar!!! Haha,just don't faint upon seeing her. And yup, so agree that she has a nice sexy voice which we would love to hear her sing ^^

    Miss Ju too but sorry can't blog about her right now since there's no time to do so...but she'll forever be on my mind.... <3

  5. Sorry for the late comment I've been busy with school, hmm yes that would be so much fun to teach her :D indeed I'd try not to faint in front of her but I'm sure she has a beautiful relaxing aura so it won't be so bad ;)
    it's okay, Ju's forever in all of our minds...
    Love you Juju, miss ya <3

  6. Thank you Sarah for your comment, yes, I think she has a beautiful relaxing aura too just hope our hearts would be strong enough to continue beating if we ever get the chance to meet her.

    Super duper miss Ju! I'm gonna dream of Justine tonight...pls, Juju, come into my dreams, my dreams are mostly about adventures and the sceneries are beautiful! trying my luck later, gonna sleep soon =P