Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 months passed...

Since Justine announced her 2nd retirement, I still miss her alot, and still watches her past matches, making me feel a bit sad thinking that such beautiful tennis had ended in this era. I can't find the passion to watch tennis anymore, especially the women tennis. So many cookie cutters players there with no variety of skills displayed, boring to the max. Yeah, I'm not a real tennis fan, but I know how to appreciate beautiful real tennis.

I love this pic and the quote. And yes, nothing is impossible just like impossible is nothing. And if nobody is perfect, then Justine can be the nobody, in fact we can all be one if we believe in ourselves. 

And here's my lame and love infested letter to Juju:

Dearest Justine, 

though my friends said that I'm crazy to like someone unrelated to me that much, but I do not really care, and that's because they haven't get to understand how it feels to like someone that unique and beautiful like you. It was nv the same to like a sports person than an entertainment star. The feelings are much more complicated, we share the pain and sorrows, happiness and joys, I love the adrenalin you've given to us when we watch your matches, be it heart attack type or excitement rush.

I think I'm getting older and I can't find the energy to find any other person as my idol. I can't go through anymore heartbreaks, my heart is weak. I've told myself that you will be the last idol I'm gonna have, and no one is gonna ever replace you in my heart for the idol place. Even if in the future, I get to support some others who have a playing style similar to you, my role will just be a simple supporter. And that's it, just coming up here to give some random ranting again. All the best to your future, Ju. I will still love you 4eva, just made a poster of you as a motivation to my fat burning plan. Can't stand the "kueh lapis tummy" that I had, like one log cake roll on top of another. Cheers! Ju! (With imaginary champagne!)

With infinity <3,

Btw, there's one random thing that I wanna share my personal joy...yesterday I've just gotten myself an Asus netbook (now I can bring the netbook around and watch Justine's matches on the train) , a 1st prize from the lucky draw of an event held in school! 1st time in my life did I get to win such a big prize, I'm so elated! And it's all about luck, because just b4 that there were a few names called but those ppl were absent at that time and so when the gal drew out the card and called out my name, I'm was surprised, and to think this is the last time I'm attending the event in school cos I'm graduating soon. Thank you to lady luck, may you bless Justine and us all! Spread the love around the world~ Life is much happier to love and show concern to your loved ones than to make enemies and hate in your life.
Motherly feel Juju, spread her love to kids and ppl around her


  1. I miss Justine so much too, but I bet she's doing a lot of happy and lighter things to enjoy so I'm happy too...

    Yesterday morning, I watched Ju's 2nd round AO match against Elena,..they're now both retired =[

    I love the clean hitting of the ball in most rallys, so beautiful to hear ♪

    I only watched 2 games though, as I have a lot of work to do (been working a lot of hours lately and today I have to work 15 hours to make up for the times I lost yesterday, coz I went out with some friends & then slept early--haha contradictions ;D)

    The 2nd game of 1st set was Ju's service game and it had 8 yummy deuces (barf! barf!), 14mins game! Ju was so in control, and despite giving Elena several dfs, she kept on going and going with her serves and constructed shots until she holds, of Ju's amazing 'deuce galore' game... I think another one is with Maria with 8 deuces on YEC- 5 in MP! and against Jelena on Rogers Cup with 11 deuces!?? I love these deuces galore games of Justine..haha ;D barf!

    How are you ST? How's your French class?

    I envy you because I love studying foreign languages too, and French is one of my favourites amongst Korean, Japanes, and German...I study few French lesson on, but couldn't do it consistently...I have very short-attention span on most things... =P

    New Laptop >> Wow, cool! you won it in a raffle're lucky and blessed...luck may come in streak too I believe, so keep on being positive about it! ;D

    Have a wonderful day my friend.


  2. Hello sly, I'm watching some of her past matches too and I love all the above matches you mentioned and yes, I've watched I think the one you mentioned, against Jelena on Rogers Cup with a lot of deuces, can't even remember how many. Miss those nerve-breaking times when watching Justine plays...
    Don't overwork yourself, I don't want you to fall sick, take good care of yourself please!

    My French sucks, hahaha, cos I'm a lazy student to revise. Should slap myself as I promised I should study French well in order to understand what Justine was saying in her past videos...but, since it's my last study sem in my school, I can only take French 1 the very basic (which is already tough for 24 yr old me) and maybe next time when I go out to work, I'll have to source for outside french lesson during the wkend.

    I think when you have the passion to study a particular language, it's much easier for you learn and absorb, I've learnt basic Japanese b4 again because I liked Ayumi hamasaki at that time + I think Jap is pretty cool. If I had that language ability, I'd love to study spanish too. I have a very short attention span too cos I can't focus on a static thing for too long.

    Haha, it's a netbook just good enough to run small applications and mainly to surf the net. Some of my frenz think it's useless if I don't brind it outside of my house to use. True enough, so far, I haven't bring it to school yet. But maybe soon, I will try it for fun, I've installed mp4, flash players and added in a few good Justine's matches inside so that I could watch it. ;)

    I too also couldn't believe my luck at that time as this event in my school would be the last time I'm attending it and I didn't expect myself to win the 1st prize. Spread the luck and love to everyone~ Have a wonderful day too, mon amie!