Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some funny stuffs to share (If you find them offending, sorry!)

Here's somethings interesting to share for weekend relaxation and maybe to de-stress for anyone experiencing hard times in life. It's not about Justine, sorry, but it's about my school though this video was in 2006, a lecturer who received all sorts of funny but rather insulting feedbacks though he took them as funny jokes. ^^

Btw, is shotgun fast? I thought it's considered slow for weapons
(No racism, discrimination or any offend to anyone intended, ~peace~)

Let me clear the air first, in Singapore, we are not really racist to anyone, we have racial harmony and enjoy multi culture in Singapore. I guess the students normally would tend to write some funny stuffs in the feedback for the lecturer to see when they are being bored. For me, I'm a lazy student to even bother about doing any feedbacks ;-)

And did I say I love MadTV b4? Too bad MadTV is no more available cos I seriously loved its humour and sarcasm, and also its lameness
Wonder if anyone got this kind of poor service money-sucking airlines? 

I love Destiny's Child song but this is really funny, and it's really is Destiny's CHILD, not children, so I guess it's somewhat true and Debra Wilson is a very good hilarious actress who also sings real well!

*Warning*-The video below may be disturbing for others

Again, I have nothing against England, in fact, one of my uncle is an English, and I love James blunt-you're beautiful original song, but I just think Nicole Parker is really a talented woman who can sing and act well (I'm not referring to the purposely tweaked voice in here)

There's some more funny madtv videos and I think youtube removed many of them too. And of course, there are also some which are not funny at all, it depends. 

Something not from madtv

What a good nice happy way to die!

Coincidence? It's not funny but it's interesting to see the tire seems "alive"

Those who find any of the videos above to be offending to them, then I'm sorry about that but well, sometimes you just have to put your pride away and get some sense of humour ;-P

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