Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Ranting

I'm bored, just wanna scream out loud: "How are you feeling now, Justine? I need updates on your conditions!"

Sorry, I just miss her too much, I guess I'm going crazy today with the weather and the Bonjour Bonjour French test coming up on Friday, stressed? Yes because I haven't really studied much, as usual for a super lazy bum like me.

Anyway, I've decided to play Tennis Elbow2011 in the past few weeks, gonna give this game a try. It doesn't have Justine inside( I think) but I created my own character with 'Justine Henin' as her name. And yeah, sorry, my achievements are gotten because I'm playing beginner level, I've yet to play to pro level because I haven't upgraded "Justine" enough. But I smiled when it showed Justine's pics (I'm sure that's cute Ju) in the game for the following achievements:

So it seems Justine has not really vanished from the game ^^ and as sad as it is now, I've won all the GS for her, including Wimbledon though it is virtually and it's beginner's level but well, at least that brings some lame satisfaction to myself.

Pardon me if today's post is too boring to read, I don't intend to blog at this moment, but I couldn't stand the Ju's withdrawal syndromes and had used this poor little blog as my medium for venting of frustrations. Will blog again after Friday, good luck to myself for the Bonjour Bonjour test. Difficile! Where's the Buddha's legs that I need to hug onto? 


  1. Yes, Justine -read the LARGE PRINT ABOVE and DO WHAT SHU SAID PLEASE! :-)

  2. Haha, Christie, I doubt Ju will find this blog and read what it says plus, this blog may scare her if she ever stumbles onto this blog thinking that it's a stalker of her who had just been released from the asylum, so can only hope for miracle that she suddenly posts updates!

    Oh Juju!

  3. I've read this using my laptop last week, but couldn't comment immediately as my login details are saved on my pc...It made me smile ;D

    Congratz Cab, at least you won 2 calendar Grandslams with Justine ;D only Rod Laver have this record I think =P

  4. Haha, sly, it's just a silly lousy "accomplishment" with beginner's level, it's easy to beat them all. I just wanted to see what happened if I won all the GS and what will show up on the screen and tada! They used cute Justine's pic! I'm so happy, hahahahaha, silly me. Btw, is that pic of her in 2005? She looked Chubby, hehe