Thursday, May 20, 2010

Badminton Tennis and net net net!

Another boring post from me, sorry! I always wondered if Tennis can be played just like Badminton style but I guess that would be too difficult to not trying to let the ball hit the ground and therefore a volley and would have caused a lot of wrist injuries.

There's this one clip I gotten from youtube and cropped out the portion which I think looked abit like Badminton style. This famous clip was an exhibition match which Justine played in mixed doubles against her childhood idol Steffi Graf and Steffi's hubby. If all doubles matches are played like this, it would be very exciting and entertaining!
Justine is very good in net volleys, she's very good at the net and I love it! It's hard to be aggressive and at the same time keep gg to the net more, there's alot of risk to take and you have to make a timely judgement b4 charging to the net and Justine although sometimes made mistakes but she's mostly successful in winning the volleys.
It's kinda sad that nowadays you hardly can see any players who would come to the net more to hit like what Justine does. And to sum it up, another famous youtube clip of the 2007 US open semi finals clip below, showed how good Justine was when at the net, how quick her reaction was, even though she lost that point but it's a very good play!
This one is a 27 long rally and amazing net volleys from Ju!
Man, I really love this US open 2007 semi finals, it is so far the best and most exciting match I've ever seen, so intense, simply love it! I'm sure I can expect more from Justine 2.0, that's for sure!

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  1. Hey Chia, I'm feeling so nostalgic about tennis Ju I'm looking at some of your older posts :) I watched the awesome rally, then once I heard Venus' grunt I was taken aback! Her sounds, seriously?! If I were Ju I would be so pissed to play someone who does that, she deserved the point so bad!