Sunday, May 30, 2010

Justine Henin Wins Maria Sharapova!!!

What a formal title I've put but that's the truth. I'm so happy right now because I was worried about her game even at work since she lost the second set to Maria yesterday night.

Due to work, I missed her third set (I wanted to watch it if I got the chance but well, this may be better because I saw the news that she lost 2 games in the third set and at 0-40 point where it could have ended up 0-3 to Maria. I think my weak heart definitely couldn't take the intensity. So it's better to skip it for once and come back home to learn of the outcome)

Our Queen Justine really had a tough draw at this French Open 2010, cos she's seeded at 22 and had the draw to meet a lot of powerful gals. Next matchup is Sam Stosur, another muscle girl =X
I hope Justine can beat her like how she beat her in Stuttgart finals. As usual, I'll be praying for her, worrying about the match and be madly obsessed in Ju.

As Justine's fan, though I can suffer from lack of sleep, intense anxiety, and unable to calm my nerves, she's who brought so much entertainment to my life and a new interest in Tennis sport.
Justine really is one inspiring girl, I wish I could learn more positives from her!

ALLEZ JUSTINE!!! Now, move on to win the 4th round!!!

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