Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not so much on Henin post

I'm not asleep yet so I was watching the live score of Kim vs! Kim was should I put..crazy mom! She thrashed out Venus in about 1hr 15min or less in a score of 6-2,6-1, wassup with Venus? Is she injured? I thought she's in a good form?

Now making me Kim really that strong? But from the Brisbane finals, I think Justine still have the possibility in winning against Kim and tht means that Justine will also be stronger than Venus (just my fantasy, but it's not impossible). I can't wait for Justine to come back to the top, in her best form, beating all the seeded players and show us the greatest Tennis plays!

Seriously, I was rooting for Kim to win but I didn't expect such a beatdown against Venus! It seems that having a family doesn't affect her form, in fact, it may have given her much more emotional strength, to give the best present to her daughter and her hubby (the trophy).

Funny how at the Tennisforum, the VW's supporters now wished that Justine should have won the semi finals so that Venus would have the possibility of winning, maybe, but Ju has a stronger mentality and plays smarter tennis, either one would have won too!

Now, I hope Justine will get to watch this match of Kim and Venus so as to "spy" and see how she'll beat kim next time. Seriously for Ju, given her complete skillset and classy Tennis Brain, wad she's lacking now is her confidence and her oncourt feel plus a stronger body.

I believe soon that Justine will get the chance to rise to the top again and win more titles! After all, she's the best example of "Impossible is nothing!"


  1. Oww.. ST is that Ju pic from China, Japan, or Singapore? wow, if I saw that here I would stop in a heart beat............and then took lots of pics ^^

  2. Oh, don't tell me it's only photoshop? huhu Sly le sad =(

  3. LMAO!! No, it's not a photoshop pic. Well... the original isn't. During the year of the Olympics in 2004 Adidas did a campaign - Impossible is Nothing. And one of the things they did was put up Justine's huge photo on the Madou Tower in Brussels, Belgium. Here's the original pic.

  4. Thanks Greenout for the clarification and it's so cool of Adidas to do that, I hope they feature Justine again in such a big poster!

  5. oh Greeny...glad to know, so it's in Brussels... I've read Adidas was the sponsor of team Belgium for the 2004 Olympics that time... thx ^^