Monday, September 27, 2010

Juju great old abs again

Yeah, I'm a bit free now (actually not, I'm just too lazy to touch my books), so having the urge to blog on Juju again...seriously, I just can't get enough of her!

And yes, it's about Ju little great abs again, these are old pics of her but I believe her abs now are about the same toned as b4, if not, harder. She's really very fit on the stomach!
You can't see how hard her abs are when she's seated would be best to see her stand and see her erm...4 packs? Hardly seen a woman having 6 packs, Ju's should be only 4...
Really very toned and fit! I'm drooling again!

And now...her marvelous backhand training:

 Dropshot? Slice? 

The above pics are all of the same set of training pics I suppose? Except the first pic.

Seriously, I wish Ju would play Tennis matches in her training attire. She looks so sexy and fit! Really Really love her training wear! It really display her wonderful physique! And she does look nice wearing Adidas training shorts instead of skirts cos it really shows her slim, nicely toned pair of legs! 

Alright, that's all for her abs abs thing. I hope to see more of it in the future (maybe when she wipes her face with her shirt...hehehehe, I'm beginning to feel like a pervert oops sorry, so I better stop now)

And lastly, Justine, pls heal your elbow 100% well, as much as I wanted to see you play again, I hope you take "extremely" good care of yourself, good luck Ju! My prayers are with you~ ALLEZ JUSTINE! Patiently waiting for your greatest return!


  1. absilicious? ;D

    now i miss pink Henin so much :(

  2. Ab Fab?

    We want more puns and witty word play!


  3. Hello Sly and Greenout, thanks for the comments.

    Sly, yes, it's absilicious! Ju always captured my heart with every motions and facial expressions she got! And you naughty sly, how come you know I'm watching Juju's tennis? Haha, that image you give is really cute! Thanks! I miss red Henin...

    Greenout..yes, it's like wad you've said in the past.. (Abs)olutely Fabulous! Ju can be linked to many meaningful great fun words, and I love it! Cheers to all!

  4. Justine is the sexiest tennis player of all time. She even has the sexiest name.

  5. Justine is the sexiest tennis player of all time. She even has the sexiest name.