Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Justine's past advertisement

Oh Rafael Nadal completes his career slam by winning US Open...Justine, I hope one day you can do it too! But no matter if you succeed or not, have no regrets, because at least you have tried, and you will always be one of the greatest WTA player with a variety of skills displayed. Of course, it would be best if you could win Wimbledon ;-)

Anyway, here are some clips I found from youtube, or other sources of some of Ju's advertisement clips:
Remember in my last post I said she's like a "red devil"? Turns out, she already did pose as a devil in the above clip. And here's the pic:
Red Devil Justine! Muahahah! Even her devil form can be so beautiful and angelic!

Another clip of Justine advertising for I think the glass window or what...(too bad the site url which appeared in the clip was no longer working. I can imagine it to be a very great Juju site):
Ju is super cool in playing the Tennis without the cap! Oh I love it! And the ending is super cool too!

Here's another common Justine's advertisement for K tour wilson, common because I'm sure alot of her fans, and other ppl have seen it too:

And finally, here's a cute young Juju singing for Samson (I dunno what this ad is about):

Ju hasn't changed much, has she? She still looks the same, very cute and nice sexy voice always! I hope to hear more of her singing =)

And this is another clip of Samson with Ju being "cannoned" by Tennis balls...OUCH! Haha!
 The cool Justine at the end...hmmm...yummy! Haha! 

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