Saturday, September 11, 2010

US Open 2010 final..

Surprise, surprise! But actually not really, considering the outcome of the the final is between Vera and Kim. Yes, I have told myself not to watch the US Open esp the Women side since there's no Justine and it's just brainless ballbashing game now (maybe I'm biased, but really it's bland and tasteless), maybe the men side is much more interesting.

Am I glad that Serena isn't joining in the US Open? Well, maybe, just for the fact that I wanna see how this year US Open turns out without Justine and Serena. Turns out, Kim is still breathing after finishing off Venus in 3 sets, while Vera, I'm not sure how well she can play, seems like she won kim in the last two meetings. So who am I rooting for in the final? As much as I love the country Belgium because of Justine and maybe it's sceneries, I'm neutral towards Kim. Sorry, my heart is "wholely" & "solely" for Ju only. It's the same case to Vera, I'm neutral towards her. So whoever plays better and wins, I will congratulate them.

I still haven't forgotten about US Open 2007, yes, I will never forget that because Justine really dominated the whole tour with straight sets wins even against the WS. Plus, it's the grand slam that Ju proved to the world that she's the righteous no.1 in the world having displayed all her variety of skills on court, it's really aesthetic!

I always love the drive, the fire in her, you can see it, through her actions, her eyes, the determination:
 You hardly can see her smile during matches, only after matches when she won, maybe that's why ppl said that they didn't see that she had enjoyed much when playing Tennis during her comeback cos she still having the same cold expressions now, opposite of what she had said in press that she enjoyed life more. But actually, if she didn't enjoy playing Tennis, she wouldn't even be so pumped up, having the desire to win. She respected Tennis as a sport by giving >100% concentration in everything she does to play better. 

 Even her movements on court makes it so thrilling to watch! Sad that now we can hardly see this kind of Tennis, what's the youngsters up to these days? Hitting the ball variety...I hope there will be more little Justine in the future. Tennis should be played like this, combined power with skills, not just sheer power. Justine, I miss you, pls recover well and soon too! I wanna see you oncourt!

I have saved alot of Ju's Tennis pics especially this red colour Adidas wear one. I named that folder "Red Devil" cos Justine although very angelic in the heart and as a person, but on court, she can be like a devil, slaying off her opponents...haha! Even now, I can see the "Dark Henin" in her unleashing slowly at times:
Can you sense the "killer Aura"? =P

Sorry Justine, for saying you like a devil, you are kind hearted as always, and a humble winner. Your Killer Aura is only there to portray the burning drive in you, which I think is good. I wanna see more of this! Get Well Soon Justine! I Hella Missesssssssssssssssss YOU!


  1. Coincidence!

    you know ST, I was also browsing these Henin pics the day before you post this... I was actually looking for more backhand and forehand action pics of Justine when I started to look at these set of pics again...

    same thing happened with 51sepf's blog, I was marveling at Justine's backhand the day before she post her topic Smart! but I always marvel at Justine's backhand so maybe it's not really a coincidence ;P

    Anyways, this 2010 USO is a total bore, I've only seen few WTA matches like the Vera v Alex 3rd round match (Alex reminds me of JH a little bit bec she's a fan of hers), 1st few games of Vera v Caro (I watched this more than 5 minutes bec no screaming were involved...LOL) and last few games of Kim v Venus... the sound of the ball when these players hit it was so bland for me... there's really nothing like Justine's crunchy rally shots ;D

    On the ATP, our guy Nicolas lost early (3rd rd I think), I watched lots of Rafa and Fed matches because our tv coverage only shows main court matches... I was really looking forward to Wawrinka v Youzhny match because their both 1-hander on BH side... but it was horrific error show just like most WTA matches... And I was backing up Federer to win after he showed good performance under extreme windy conditions in the QF but he just lost today... so like you said, whoever plays well in their final match... congrats to him/her... I'm a Rafa fan too, but I honsetly don't want him to win USO yet... but if he wins I would still be happy for him ;)

  2. Haha, a coincidence? sounds like we have telepathy abilities to share the same thoughts. :)

    Yes this yr 2010 though I nv watch a single match of it, I assume is a total bore. Even though if imagining Justine is playing but may not win the USO this yr, at least it's much more interesting to watch.

    Look, Kim won it again this yr, tells you how much "competition" there is in this year women USO. But congrats to her anyway, she's like a powerful mum now, maybe I'll be happy for Jada only. She's cute! haha!

    and for the men side, poor Roger, I wonder if the weather isn't that windy, can he win? But well, the windy conditions applied to everyone on tour too, so no complains, maybe Djokovic really played well, he's a funny guy, so I like him too.

    I saw some highlights of Nadal's SF match on the Eurosport news today, I think Nadal is winning my admiration for being so persistent in chasing after every single point, he nv gives up. No wonder Justine likes him too! Not sure if Djokovic can win against him, Nadal to me, he really looks like the prince of persia in games as I've said b4, not only physically but mentally too! Strong willed and tough.

    And finally USO is coming to an end, though I don't really give a damn about it and I have to concentrate on my school work now, so only 2011!