Monday, September 20, 2010

Justine starts training again ;)

I've just finished my project plan, so I have some time to spend online...

Ju updated her twitter! And I'm glad that she started training again!! Sometimes she updates her twitter via facebook and sometimes not. So to keep myself updated, I just added this twitter gadget on this blog to receive updates about her status (*note: Sometimes this twitter gadget doesn't work, don't know why)

Anyway, I'm lacking of creativity and ideas on the content to blog...this is partly due to the school work that is killing my brain cells every now and then exponentially. Anyway, I'm gonna disappear into thin air again soon, but b4 that, let's enjoy some more gorgeous handsome pics of our Queen Justine!
My handsome Justine drinking cool as the water in that bottle!
I think Ju rolled up her sleeves, no? She actually likes to do that during training I think..
Why is she looking so puzzled? Did Carlos say something?
Amazing backhand, eye catching as always <3
I wonder why is her racket being held so "horizontally"?
sorry guys, I'm gonna say this again..."Justine, you are so handsome!" A very attentive and intense- concentration-Justine is the most handsome one.
Is the focus on Justine, the ball, or Tommy robredo? For me, it's Ju for sure.
This is her normal pinky-out-deadly-forehand style
I really love to see her smile, the above pic can make me having sweet dreams
Alright, let me clear the air, in case some ppl call me crazy and "insulting" Ju for saying she looks handsome...hehe. Justine is indeed handsome in my eyes...she may even look better than some of the guys I've seen, but I meant no insult to great Justine cos, Ju not only look handsome, but also very beautiful too! On court, the way she played is too suave and handsome, so pleasing to the eyes and off court when she lets her hair down, she looks very beautiful. 

And this is the famous Sony Ericsson WTA site profile pic of Justine. Don't you think she exudes a "Queen" Aura? 

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