Friday, September 17, 2010


I haven't really got the time to blog from now on, school work is getting heavier on me cos I think I'm not smart enough, and I love to procrastinate which leads to a big lag behind of what the lecturers have taught. I have my final year project plan to rush by Monday...omg...

I'm gonna took some time off from blogging (though I didn't really commit full time or part time on it, sorry) but maybe next time, I still can squeeze some time out to blog about our beautiful, cute, gracious, sophisticated queen Justine! My heart itches everytime I talked and think about her...cos I wanna see her so much that my poor frail little heart cannot take it (scratch scratch)...

Here's some more Tennis pics of her suave moments at the AO this yr (click on pic for original size, though some already are):
 Love the pics, the lighting, esp the shadow

 The most handsome look of Ju when she's serving...always love her serving pic

Ju relies on her own instinct and skills for accuracy, she didn't even have to really focus on the ball...(that's what I think by looking at this pic) I think she's already looking and decided where the ball should land on 

Now she's flying with both wings! This will be a deadly shot to the opponent! 

Don't try to do a lob on little Ju, she'll get you with a giant wave smash! 

And this will be the reaction of her when she gets you..hehehe, I want to see more of this! 

And the above pic in original size is yummy to be a desktop wallpaper, with high resolution and cool Justine! Really LOVE this pic!

And now a pic comparison (Who says Justine's nothing near her 2007 form? Her skills are the same, nice and complete!):

 Oh Justine oh! I'm missing you! 
The peaceful calm look of Justine is so captivating! Immerse in thoughts...Did she or did she not wear a smile in this pic? Like the case of Mona Lisa...the enigmatic smile...

Ok, after this post, makes my heart stop itching a little, Juju, I love your Tennis, I love your smile, I love you as a great noble kind person, I'm sure there are millions of ppl who look up to you as a role model. I love you Justine! I shall push my "longingness" for Justine aside and start on my project plan now...Sh*t! 

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