Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gifs animation part II

Since I have some time today...I shall post some more giddy Juju GIFS that I made weeks ago. May not be the best quality for sure but well, they are the parts of the images that I love. 

And I have already said goodbye to WTA2010, so I shall not watch any of the US Open women but I did watch the men match today of Andy Roddick vs Janko Tipsarevic where Andy lost eventually in 4 sets. I used to like Andy cos he was sort of handsome but no, I don't like his game. He do have big serves but other than serves, his game today is just boring...Janko Tipsarevic, hmmm, I'm actually rooting for him in this match, he played ok and with some amazing shots! 

Now, I miss Juju alot. Oh Justine, pls get healed soon! I really wanna see your fantastic court play with that amazing backhand of yours! Always made me drool over it! Actually, I just wanna see you, on and off court! 

Enough said, let's capture some of great Justine moments in GIFS!

US Open 2007 the Queen moments:
super great footwork!!!
Her famous Backhand crosscourt is simply delicious!! (Makes me wanna eat the Tennis ball!) 
Not only is her backhand producing winners, her forehand is as amazing as well! Look at how she uses her whole body to generate the momentum and power to produce a killer forehand winner!
so our cute Juju do bite her fingers! Nervous? but I really find this very cute and innocent! haha! 
I think she served an ace after giving this "You are doomed" look to her opponent. 
I LOVE to see how happy she was, as she screamed: "I've won!!!", I enjoy her laugh, her smile, and I believe all fans of hers are just like me, smiling and laughing with her too!
Hahaha! OH!!!
Sorry, I'm obsessed in this "handsome" side of Justine too, her face is just too perfect! Call me weird, but I'm sort of in love with "male henin" too. She's just too handsome, but she can be very beautiful too! Look at the GIFS below to discover the beautiful elegant Justine!!

Les 12 travaux de Justine Hénin-The Top Model mission (I really like this mission together with the cooking one, basically all her missions)
She really looked like a model!!! "Belgium's next top model" Yeah!
Simply Gorgeous!!!
I love the smile she gives when she do the catwalk!
"Voila!" Ju must be thinking: "I do great right? I'm a model!" J/K!
And here's a 100000Volts of electrifying wink!

And now the Stuttgart (her first title since her comeback):
This is the pair of eyes which I got attracted to in the first place b4 becoming her fan. There's something in her eyes, can you see and feel it? It's burning! And cute Juju always got this habit of covering her face with towel, revealing only her mesmerizing eyes. 
Even her wiping face action can be so "suave"...sorry Justine, I'm abit crazed about you.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey! Looking at your smile, makes my day!
And not to forget...the smile she gives when she holds her trophy! I always love her this kind of "pressed lips"'s really cute and young!

And finally.....
Me:" Good bye WTA, until Justine comes back in action!"


  1. I've been saying for years that Justine has THE MOST EXPRESSIVE face I have ever seen. Chia you have captured every essence of this. BEAUTIFUL AND MESMERISING. Love your work.

  2. Thank you Annmarie! And yes, I love all of Justine's expression...especially when she laughs so heartily!

    Justine is very beautiful, inside out!

  3. hey ST you really have captured the moments of juju.

    i especially like the first one in USO 2007, i remember watching this over and over, just so amazed at how the heck did she slide on on a fast hard court to do that backhand retreiving!!!

  4. ♥♥♥ wonderful gif's indeed

    Bout Open: I saw the Andy v Janko match too... so much 'pushing' from Andy n_n (hate him and I don't even like Janko but watch it just to criticize their technique...huehehe ;p

    now when will Almagro play on Arthur Ashe =D

  5. Thanks Jo, I like the first one too cos it showed her flexibility to stretch and reach out for the ball and then from defensive stance switching immediately to attacking stance..that's just simply amazing!

    And it's funny how on hard court, some players not only Juju, loves to slide alot!

    And thank you Sly! I also wondered when will I see Almagro play...I sort of nv check the USO schedule. I want to see single backhanders!!!