Saturday, October 30, 2010

Francois L'Embrouille Justine Henin (Candid Camera?)

So I found this very old video of Justine, (I know I'm kinda late to view this video, fans who followed Justine since her 1st career certainly had seen this vid b4)...seems like a sort of candid camera show and their target is Justine Henin, hehehe...
Here's some screen captures (video after the pics):
Yes! Justine's smiles, always my medicine as a stress reliever~ 
Although Justine was eating, she was aware of her surroundings, she saw how this guy talked to his assistant (I think his attitude wasn't that good) 
I heard him saying "Magazine" this he acting as some Magazine Editor or something and wanted Justine to be featured in his magazine? 
So CUTE!!! Justine looked really very young though her cuteness level nv decreases over these few years, Justine is still very cute right now and more charming 
Oh no...Justine's getting angry...her smile disappeared! But Justine, your angry look is not convincing at all, where got ppl still looked so cute when being angry? I guess she can't help it... 
Her smile reappeared but a forced one...that's b4 she decided to leave the restaurant 
I don't know what the guy had said but she looked hmmmm "scared" and a bit shocked 
Justine when she found out she was on Candid Camera, she laughed and Carlos went up there to hug her...  
Justine can't believe she's being tricked?
Facepalm reaction for Justine, haha! 
And...a hearty laugh! I love her!
The version I uploaded had the watermarks from tudou, sorry, that's the version that I can find with Justine entering the restaurant and the ending part with her reaction (again, I think this clip was first uploaded on Youtube? And sad to say, the site shown in the video is no longer available)

Here's another one without watermarks and more complete one? It does show how Justine is being "tricked", and in the early parts, I think that guy asked her if her training would make her body bigger like a man? (I heard him saying women and this is just my speculation) And yeah, the quality is pretty good also, not too blur:

If only I understand French then at least I can know what they're talking about...first time I see Justine got so irritated and fed up with someone, whatever had he done to make Ju felt so angry? I guess she's sort of angry with him for being so rude to his female assistant? And you can see from the video that although Justine was angry, she did not want to make too much of a commotion and chose to leave the restaurant, avoiding further arguments. Such a polite lady, haha, (all these are again, my own thinking, I had no idea what they're saying)

And Justine must be damn too hungry? She's eating her food fast and somehow I think she's trying to ignore that guy and keep on eating her food. (Justine, do you eat the tomatoes?) She seems too busy with her food than to listen to that guy, hehehe. She looks so cute when eating and drinking too (I'm too crazy over her)


  1. Hi,

    I remember this video! There was a translation of it... forget where it is now, but the script was pretty bizarre.
    Yes, it's a French Candid Camera show with this French comedian named Francois Damiens.

    The roost is that this sleazy guy and his assistant discuss their new project - a Justine Henin DVD. But they want her to do as a sexy video without much tennis, since they say the tennis part is boring. Mainly alot of clips of underwear showing and short skirts, show other things...

    Justine is disgusted, and says she can't do that and it's about tennis. This is why she's so upset, and leaves

  2. It's an old tv show - 2001

  3. Thank you Greenout for the overall translation! No wonder Justine is so pissed off and's already wrong to ask her do a sexy revealing video and even more insulting when he said Tennis is boring. To Justine, tennis is an important part of her life.

    But that guy acted well to not let Justine knew that she was on Camera. Oh could you teamed up with them to trick Juju? Hahaha! She deserved the warm hug in the end..I so wanted to hug her too! Really super cute, even cuter than my pooh bear (ok, I better stop now...)

    And lastly, I thought it was in yr 2001 too since she wasn't wearing Adidas sports wear and she was so skinny and small at that time, like the Wimbledon 2001 look.

  4. Yeah, mean candid camera prank! The other part of the roost is the conversation between the guy and the assistant. They are cleary having some sort of affair and highly unprofessional flirting with each other then suddenly the guy goes into Boss mode, yells and scholds the woman severely about being late etc.... making Justine wait etc... This is the part where Justine looks really embarrassed for that woman.

  5. Oh such a "disgusting" boss, luckily it's all a prank and poor woman, getting scolded in front of so many ppl. Yeah Justine looked embarrassed and had no idea on what to do..I guess she continued eating! Haha!

    Though this is a mean prank, but we can see that Justine is really well brought up with fine manners. If I were her, I probably got fed up much earlier and not sure if there will be any violence from me (just kidding but who knows?)

    I love to see Justine's expressions in the videos, very innocent looking, and what big glaring eyes she gave that guy! Thanks for the info again, Greenout and I think I should take up French lessons soon..I couldn't find the translations anywhere for this video but am thankful to your overall explanation of it =)

  6. Yep, those eyes... again!

    I have mixed feelings about the prank. I have been pranked before, and sometimes its not so funny for the victim! I also felt uncomfortable when she decided to walk out and the guy was blocking her. Anyway, she was such a good sport about it, and apparently Carlos thought it was hilarious... gee, one of the few people she can probably trust and he is in on this...hmmm.

    Thanks so much for posting this, though, ST! Justine is adorable looking with the wide-eyed innocent look. Watching her expression change throughout is so interesting, even if I don't know the language. I am glad Greenout explained it too.

    I was amazed how she could keep eating, but hey, might as well not waste a good meal before your great escape!(and yes,it was a good way for her to look away and ignore the guy) lol ...and yeah, she put up with this too long. I don't think I could have. She even looked as if she was being polite when she got up to leave. What a lady! (and so damn cute!) :-)

  7. yes, her eyes always a mystical charm ;)

    I know how it feels to be pranked because I've been pranked b4 too, but well, it depends on the situation. And yeah, I can feel that Justine was frustrated that the guy blocked her way when all she wanted at that moment was to get away from him as fast and as far as possible. It took her quite a while to realize that it was all a prank and looked at the camera.

    And you're welcomed, I post this video to share with Ju's fans who's just like me (haven't seen this old video of her b4)
    Justine really has a very rich expression, even till now, and it's always interesting to see how she reacts, her actions on and off court.

    And yup, I guess the best way to avoid responding to that guy is to keep on eating...when she's finished with her food, she was left with her drink only. Hehehe..Justine is a fine, mature, polite and lovely lady, it's shown through all the videos of her even in the early days.

  8. The version you have is copy of a copy of a copy - here's a clearer video of this candid camera. You can see Justine's reaction more and I'm surprised she didn't slap this guy's face! lol

    But I was very surprised to see how mature 18 year old Justine Henin was during this little "meeting". And she already had her ideas about what direction, and role model to be as a future tennis champion.

  9. One very amusing trivia note. The woman in this video is a Belgian comic named Virginie Hocq. And who would've guessed that years later she would appear - yes in 2009 on the Lara Fabian tv special that Justine happened to co-host!

    Justine and Lara Fabian were cracking up during last year's tv special watching Viginie do her comedy routine.

    What a coincidence!

  10. Hi Greenout, I know the video I've uploaded is a multiple copies of a version haha! And yup, I've pasted the link of the more complete clearer video just down below the uploaded video. =)

    Justine matures much faster than any girls of her age partly because of the life she had lived, and since young, I believe she's the self motivated and independent girl. She had her dreams as a little girl and at later stages of life, she fulfilled her dreams as a woman. Very impressive, which is all the more I admire about her.

    And yes, Justine handles difficult situations well, I guess those who wanna see an "action packed" video will be disappointed...hehehe, she's too calm and sweet. Given this situation to me, I could have give two nice tattoos of my palm on that guy's face (Oops, some anger management needed for me!)

  11. And regarding the woman you've mentioned, I had no idea who she was. Seems like everything is fated?
    I didn't get to watch the Lara Fabian whole show, so I guess I missed out her part too.

    So I think Virginie Hocq makes a good comedian who could crack Justine up!

  12. ST Thanks for this. I hadn't seen this before. Now that I have, I can't help but think of the Challenge Justine undertook in the 12 challenges series. The one where she had to teach Carlos how to ski. It may have taken 8 years, but somehow I think she got some revenge for him helping to set her up in this video.

    I don't think it surprises any of us fans how Justine reacted in this situation. We all know that deep down Justine is a very shy person, so the mere thought that someone would want to portray her that way, would disgust her, and make her feel very uncomfortable, which became more and more evident in the clip.

    Her reactions, and expressions are priceless though. Personally, I think the best way she could have reacted, was to have ripped his hairpiece right off his head, because clearly he was wearing one. But then she would have been even more embarrased, when the truth was revealed.

  13. Hi Annmarie, You're welcomed. Haha, what makes you think that she was doing her revenge on Carlos in the ski challenge? But Justine learns things fast..she has some sort of that sports genes in her.

    Yes, Justine is a very shy but a very down-to-earth person. And a very professional Tennis player who focuses only on Tennis and would nv think of taking up the disgusting project that the guy in the video proposed.

    Her reactions and expressions are always priceless...and Justine is a nice gal, I can't imagine her ripping the hairpiece (do you mean hair wig?) off his head and make it as a mop for the floor..hahahaha! But that kind of drama would be too thrilling for her fans to see...

    So this candid camera actually shows the true self of Justine, her personality is indeed nice not like what some other ppl had said otherwise.