Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photoshop Ju in Best of Belgium big icons

Sorry, I'm still drooling over her stunning look at Best of Belgium event, I really like her styling there, very girlish. But I photoshopped more on her head because her expressions are much cuter. My photoshop skills sux to the max so I only photoshop a few icons (in fact, there's no much effects added =X )

What a sexy expression! Is this her pre-kissing look? I think there will be a great wall of China queue waiting to receive her kiss..I don't mind running up the flight of stairs to receive one from her :-* 
This one is blur, because I enlarged it too much but I loved her side view here. So sweet looking!
Ju: "I'm laughing good, ain't I? My smile is the best right? Right?"
She is cute! Do more of this expressions Juju! Muacks!
Or this also can! Now, how could she be 28? Too cute for her age, she looks like a teenager here, seriously she is, the many images of Justine, mature and cute together in the same sentence, magic...Justine, can I have your looks? 
Even better, THIS! I love this expression of hers the best! The good sign from her hand, her smiling pair of mesmerizing eyes, her "pressed lips" smile revealing her sexy cheeks.

Alright, this ends my boring, random post. I had no time to gain more creativity, maybe time to look at some of the masterpieces of famous artist's art? Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa?
I think I'm more suited to look at the pic below:

Ok, off topic and end of my weak jokes...I'll be busy over the next few days I FYP progess is 1/100, and it seems like exams coming up in 1.5 months...Mercy and merci! Until I still have some brain cells left or regenerated, I shall leave blogging. I'm gonna hella miss Justine alot, just downloaded her RG2010 match against Maria Sharapova and watched it, she's still the same powerful Juju! If her body gets used to competitive sports and training again, she definitely has a chance to win more grand slams. After all, her skillset is pretty much complete and her Tennis brain is much polished. I love her drop shots and backhand! She'll always be my Queen of Tennis =)


  1. Yes, she was so cute and feminine. It still amazes me sometimes how she can be on court with that glare and that walk, looking like she could kick anyone's butt (even a guy's), then she has this side to her.... just part of what makes her so interesting... the contrasting sides of Justine :-) Good luck with the work and studying, ST, and come back when you can. (I need to get to work myself, as always)

  2. >Fabulous pics, merci ST ^^
    >my favourite Justine smile too, 'pressed lips' (her always unpretentious smile)
    >Another coincidence: I've watched a little bit of 2010 RG vs Maria this week too, remember that awesome/goregeous/amazing backhand early in the 1st set combined with a 'side spin dropshot' ;D

    >ahhhhhggggg, i miss Justine on court so much...even though I'm busy at work, I miss her tennis all the time... *sigh*

    Cheers ST ♥

  3. Also,

    Loved the Monalisa post, an artist's art for an artist of tennis! ;D

  4. I know what you mean, Sly. Even though I am so busy, I still miss watching Justine play tennis. You are not the only one, thats for sure. :-) (I watch her old tennis videos when I can)

  5. Yea, certainly those heart-stopping-moments-slash-jaw-dropping-awesomeness of Justine's shots & sheer focus in her matches...with her big heart to fight those giants (literally! ;D) in tennis

    I also watch some Federer's matches lately but Justine's always different and special...

  6. Haha Christie and sly, nice chat over here! Yea, Justine is always a very interesting lady, very professional Tennis player on court who always is very focused on her matches and off court, she's back to her usual cute self.

    And thanks Christie for the well wishes, you and sly too, work hard but don't over stress yourselves.

    Sly, seems like we really have some unintentional telepathy eh? Those drop shots in the 1st set is simply fabulous and delicious to my greedy eyes!

    And for sure, even though all of us are busy, we will still miss Justine's tennis, and I'm a very "unprofessional" student...I will still watch her past matches b4 I started doing my homework again, god pls forgive me cos Justine is too special and I think after watching her tennis, my brain cells will increase =P

  7. Oh and CHEERS to you all! ♥♥♥

  8. LOL, ST... "I think after watching her tennis, my brain cells will increase". Thats a good one! Hey, Justine does a lot of thinking on the court, another thing I love about her. Tennis is so much more than slamming the ball. She is exquisite! (love that word too:) As I told someone else, I tend to watch certain points of hers over and over. For example USOPEN 2007 1st set tiebreak vs Venus, point number 4, hahaha. I adore that point. Justine goes from defense to offense and wins at the net. Her own reaction to winning the point is priceless. So, when I need motivation, an adrenaline rush, whatever, I tend to watch that again, along with so many other memorable matches. Certainly, that must also increase my brain cells too? I will think so anyway.. CHEERS!

  9. Haha Christie, yes, my brain cells certainly increases because of the way she played her tennis...alot of thinking and skills involved indeed, not just brainless ball bashing which is almost the norm of playing in WTA now.

    I think without watching that match again, I know which point you are talking about cos I've rewatched US Open 2007 semi finals countless times already. That was the highest quality of match I've ever watched in my life and the 1st set is the most thrilling ever. I think it's more fitting to be a final than a semi final. Justine displayed most or all of her weapons on court that day, thanks to Rottweily site, I was able to watch her past matches now which I had missed all of them in her 1st career...muacks to Rottweily!

    Oh and I certainly loved her expression winning that point, PRICELESS indeed! I want to see more of this! I bet the crowd must have multiple adrenalin rush...maybe whoever had a blood clot in any part of their bodies would benefit from it!

    I think all the matches that involved Justine and provided she played consistent enough, we'll be guaranteed a very thrilling high level match! Love all her drop shots and volleys, as well as her back hand down the line..YUMMY! Cheers!

  10. You know, she has a pretty good forehand too.. :-) For example, if you know the point I am speaking of, the point before is also amazing. I love when she can hit that forehand at a sharp angle with both feet off the ground. She gets so much power and speed out of that little body when her timing is right... bam! sweet.

    We have had to wait far too long to see her play again. Its no wonder we are all so desperate and watching old matches. At least we will always have them to go back to.

    It seems so difficult to stay healthy and injury free. The older they get, the longer the healing process, which is probably why Elena retired? Oh please, Justine, stay healthy!

  11. Hello Christie, I guess the point you're talking about is the part where she twisted her whole body to hit the ball at such an acute angle to Venus's right hand side of the court?

    Sure, she isn't as strong as Venus, but tactically and technically, she can make up for it and wins the match with her talent!

    At least right now, I'm gonna be pretty busy with my school work, so it's alright that she didn't have any matches on right now for me. But my greedy eyes will still ask to watch one or two past matches of her occasionally and I have to satisfy my eyes else they'll suffer from lack of concentration..hahaha!

    Sometimes it's just that luck isn't by her side yet, and who knows, after that fall, Justine will stand up stronger and good luck shining on her with happiness! Let us all pray for her