Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Justine's old advertisement videos

Firstly, pls forgive me for "illegally stolen" videos from the original or other sources and uploaded onto the newly created Youtube account.

I know it's wrong to do so, but I just wanted to create one YT account in which only Ju's videos will be uploaded and though the videos are put as "public", I tried not to tag "Justine Henin" and also include her name in the title as well (I tried to minimize the publicity as much as possible)...

Just wanna share with any other Ju's fans who happened to be like me, missing out the whole part of her 1st career as well as any videos in between those yrs. Hopefully YT won't delete my account and I hereby sincerely apologizes to any breaching of copyrights.

Justine's Tennis Academy Advertisement (not sure the title is correct):

Justine's Skydiving video made by Maximum Gravity Team (I think):

Justine Henin et Justine Pirsoul (You can also find it at:

Justine must love kids alot..this video is very sweet and she looks cute! Look at Ju's expression at 0:35-0:36! That boy is cute too!

Just help me keep it a secret? 

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