Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dizzy GIFs animation part III

As promised in my comments, I will post some of my cute Juju GIFS again...sorry, one of my limited "talents" is to make simple animated gifs, forgive me, I'm not a multi-talent like Justine but I will try to discover my real talent (if any)...I feel like creating a new page tab on top in this blog and add in all her GIFS inside...maybe I'll do that next time, but right now, just enjoy these dizzy Justine's poetry in motion (like what rottweily's site's title had put)

*To view the actual resolution and size of the GIFS, just click on them.

Let's start from her famous Backhand shots:
The two GIFS above can be used as a teaching material for ppl who wanna learn perfect beautiful backhand shots like Justine's...simply beautiful backhand!
Sorry Jelena, but I love this deadly backhand cross-court weapon of Justine used against you and any other players, what a grace!

On Court Expressions:
Too HANDSOME!!! Sorry, I just couldn't help it, I'm drawn to Justine's handsomeness again. Well Justine, you are too handsomely beautiful, not only your game style is handsomely played but even your expression too! (I meant no insult to Justine, I'm just a weirdo who loves both the handsome and beautiful side of Justine)
Sometimes, I really can't figure out what her next expression will be. You see from this GIF, initially she looked ok and then suddenly, she frowned for ??? But that's when I get my chance to make more GIFS of her, hehehe...
Is Ju unhappy with something? 
Weird GIF but I think that time when I made this GIF, I was attracted to her "glaring" sharp and focused
Hehehe, this one I happened to see it in the match with Mauresmo in Eastbourne 2007 (I think)...she seemed to be relaxing in her lala land and then suddenly she got conscious of her surroundings and woke up. Her face is so cute's even interesting if you looked at this scene from the match itself, cos this GIF is much faster and couldn't show the cute effect to the max.

Now her winning expressions:
Sly, remember the GIFs that you showed me last time? Now I made a bigger, shorter version of it...forgive me for being so "no copyright", I couldn't care for much if Ju is too cute to resist. And yes, this although is a fake winning point, but it's part of her winning expression too.
And....this is the cheeky GIF of the pic which I've posted in my previous post, she really looked very "cartoonized" in a good and funny way. Oh Juju, do more of these pls, they're delicious to my eyes and sweet to my heart. No wonder my house seems to be infested with ants nowadays..

Her off court expressions:
Specs-tacular Justine ^^
Blur Juju in her specs...does she look nerdy?
Oh, Juju is tired...have a good rest Ju!
Ju:"I love you all for loving my Tennis, Muacks!" 
And I always love her side view smile, very photogenic! Of course her front and back views are photogenic as well =)
Now, she's BEAUTIFUL!!!  I'm obsessed....
And this is the coolest Justine at a very cooling place....

Ok, now it's about 2:15am here in Singapore and I'm very sleepy...wanna watch one of her past matches but sorry, I think there's stones on my eyelids forcing them to close the gates. Gonna sleep now, Justine, please appear in my dream dreams are always adventure like and the sceneries are very beautiful, so Ju, come join in my adventure! Ok, enough of my lame shit, Bonne Nuit! 


  1. Oh, thanks ST. I love seeing the different faces of Justine.. so interesting. (actually like that one in her glasses where she blows a kiss). Also, Annmarie directed me to something you posted back in May...old article of Ju speaking of her mother. I had not seen that before. OMG.. that was so beautiful! (but made me cry right before I was trying to get some sleep).... Cheers!

  2. You're welcomed, Christie ;) I love seeing different faces of Justine too, she's one interesting lady.

    Oh about that mothers' day article? That one was translated by Pigam I think...which I found on the TF, really very touching. I was crying when I first read it too, and I loved how she kept her promise to her mum and fulfilled it in the end through hard's a pity her mum didn't get to see it in time but I'm sure her mum will watch over her in heaven.

    Sorry if it "disrupted" your sleep, but anything for Justine, I guess. Cheers!

  3. Hurrah, more Justine going to save some copies ST...hihi ;D

    oooooohhhh, i really like Justine's t-shirt @ muacks.gif and the specs-tacular pics are awesome...

    the oopsy.gif still makes me laugh- coz even Kuzzie & umpire Sandra laugh with her @ that point... I'm glad you made another batch of JH gifs, I could save more Justine cuteness on my pc..heehee ;D

  4. ST! Sometimes, you make me laugh so hard. "No wonder my house seems to be infested with ants nowadays" ! hahahaha. This makes me think... can you imagine if Justine ever looked at all the stuff we say?? LOL.. she would probably think we are all crazy!... but you know, in a "GOOD" way. :-)
    ps -that GIF where it looks like she is almost asleep and then wakes up? My dad took a picture of me when I was a little girl and fell asleep in a chair, and I swear it looks like her there! hahaha (yes, I was such a cute little girl.. ;-)

  5. Sly, I love Ju's that t-shirt too! She looks good wearing T-shirts with interesting designs and yes, I love Ju in specs and also w/o them as well.

    Oopsy oops! If it isn't because of you, I wouldn't notice this point (cos I haven't watched that match) thanks for it, I went and watched the match and loved that funny "fake" winning point! Ju's too cute and the whole intense atmosphere was immediately eased up by that point...even Kuzzie don't even care if she was losing anymore.

    Haha, go ahead and save the gifs if you want. Glad you like them....Hee hee hee =P

    And Christie, it's true, my house is really infested with intelligent and also stupid thirsty ants who get themselves drowned in the water container. But I tend to believe some might be peeping behind me watching Justine's matches with me while enjoying her sweetness ;)

    Don't worry, I don't think Justine will ever find this crazy blog, she's too busy to even get the time to surf net? She'd prefer reading books I think, so we can enjoy writing as crazily as we want! But I hope any others who happened to read this blog won't think I'm from the mental hospital, I'm just too crazed over Justine.

    And can I look at your that cute Justine-look-alike-sleeping-on-the-chair pic? I'm sure you look just as cute as Justine ;-)

  6. :) That was alot of fun! Everyone was glad to find that Justine had laser eye surgery last year (a few days after knee surgery! LOL Justine really likes to take things to the limit. Two ops in a week?! Most normal folk like us can do with 1 procedure per week or even month!) to correct her vision, but it's kind of sad that we won't get to see her wearing new styles of glasses. My personal favorite was the one she wore for her Dailie Focus contact lense ad.

  7. Oh? I know she had her eye surgery but I didn't know it was right after her knee surgery! Hmmm, I guess Justine's just impatient and wanna get it done fast.

    She can always wear those stylish glasses without any degree =) I had no idea which one she wore for Dailie Focus ad..

  8. Well, eyes are my profession, and I can tell you that once Ju hits her 40s, she will probably have to wear reading glasses... so we may see pictures of her later in life with some cool readers.. lol (kind of ironic I am always talking about her wonderful eyes and I work with eyes)...
    ST.. as far as my adorable "little Christie asleep pic"... hahaha, its hanging on a wall with a bunch of others in a frame, the only copy... so its gonna take some work to get it to scan. If I can find another copy maybe. I should change my FB profile to that!

  9. That makes me thinking about your profession, Christie.

    If the media still follows her closely by then, yes, we'll get to see pictures of her in her later stages of life...(she shall not be forgotten in my heart, I hope, at least I will slap myself if my heart ever does that to me)

    Hehehe, then I shall wait for your FB profile pic to get changed...(inform me if you changed it, I seldom check all the FB updates)

  10. Did you see these fantastic new photos of Justine in the Canary Islands training? Yes, she joined the Belgium Olympic training camp yesterday, and will be on the island for the entire week. It's rain and flash floods in Southern Belgium, so this is a great opportunity for quality workouts. :)

    It's always nice and inspirational seeing Justine training again, and Carlos at her side too. It's good for our motivation in our lives.

  11. Thank you Greenout for the info...I'll blog on that..allow me to use the pics from the forum, I'm a lazy bum, hehe...and yup, so inspiring Justine!