Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Justine Sports for Life (Olympic training camp)

I'm late to post this but again, allow me to copy and paste all the info from the forum, I'm always such a lazy pig, but yeah, I'm busy as well, sorry. Have a test this Friday, so after this post, I'll go MIA again for a couple of days, at least until Friday.

Anyway, enough of my lamentations, here goes the pics:

Justine joined the Belgian Olympic training camp in the Canary Islands and will be there for a week to improve her performances. Nov 14, 2010 (Quote copied from the forum as well):
Hmmm...Justine's taller than Carlos? Btw, I really love Ju's jogging pic, she's so athletic!
How come I think Justine looks the fittest and the most fitting image of a runner here? Sorry Carlos, you look like you're dancing, and sorry to the big guy besides Juju, I think you're very big sized, I think if you walk in front of me, all I can see is your butt =X
Their Stamina is really good! Can laugh and jog at the same time! PRO! 
If I ever happened to saw Juju on the streets running/jogging like this in the pic, I don't care whether I'm wearing slippers or barefooted, I'll jog with her (I'll probably run out of breath though-thanks to my small lungs)
Carlos, be careful of the cars from behind you...
Ah, Ju and Carlos "ignoring" the big man, and started chatting?
I wish for such a scenery near my house, it would be so relaxing to jog while enjoying the beautiful sceneries..(I'm not sure if the background scenery in this pic looks beautiful or not, at least being blur, it looks nice)
No prize for guessing who got to the destination first...
Justine looks so small here
Ok, the background is really nice (damn, I'm running out of words here)
After a long jog, time to rest and enjoy the stretching~the grass looks like a fine piece of cushioned carpet, I think Ju might even sleep on it!
Actually I think Justine has a very long pair of sexy nice legs! I love her legs, very toned and slim. Damn! When was the last time I jogged? It seems ages, no wonder my flabby arms are becoming the canoe paddle, swinging from east to west, and I think the layers on my tummy may exceed that of the rainbows soon. The only fat burning machine part of my body? My face...it's like Roti Prata 

Ok, enough of my lame shit again~I'm so tired, and this semester seems very difficult and confusing~ i hope everything eventually turns out fine. The schedule is tight and now I'm gonna really be away from blogging until at least my Friday test is over. At least, I'm glad now at this moment, Justine's new pics are popping up on the screen and I pretty much needed it to de-stress myself. Muacks Juju, you saved some of my brain cells again, I love you..you're my brain saver!


  1. ST -would you quit picking on yourself? hahaha.. Gee, so much smiling while running. I used to be a long distance runner, and I dont think there is one picture of me actually smiling while running, I was concentrating on breathing. ... nice pics of Ju. I think its so great and remarkable she has always been with Carlos, the same coach. Their mutual respect has kept them together, obviously. ... so nice..
    I am crazy busy too, tons of work, and I have a 10-hour office workday Tuesday.. yuck. Guess we are all looking forward to the weekend already. Hope the studying and test goes well, ST. Cheers everyone!

  2. Haha, Christie, until I have flat tummy, I won't be satisfied with myself, but ok, I'll stop criticizing myself for now =S

    Good healthy lifestyle you have! long distance runner! So do you still run now? And normally if I jog alone, I would not be smiling always, I think it's normal, else if you jog alone and smiling all the time, ppl will think you're crazy?

    And yes, I love how much respect Justine and Carlos have for each other. you can't find another player who had such amazing relationship and trust with his/her coach. It's been 14 yrs for them right? That's remarkable!

    I hate my thursday because I have lessons from 9:30am till night 9.30pm...just yucks! 12 hours without pay..and thank you for your well wishes..I'm off to studying now..

  3. Oh... hahaha.. yes, anyone running alone and smiling all the time would look nuts! (because they probably are!) Speaking of running, I did it for years from high school into even my 30s, but I had a constant problem with my left knee. Even in high school competitions, I had my knee wrapped half the time.
    Now, my exercise consists of naming myself "Justine" while playing tennis on Wii. I injured myself recently by forgetting I had a table in the living room and ran into it while playing. However, I did not want to let Justine down since I named myself that, so I played on (yes, this is a TRUE story). I played so well that I got promoted to "professional". After completing a tournament, I could hardly get out of bed the next day and was complaining to my husband. He said.. "why is it that everything you do is this way, you cant just have a little fun or take your time to get better, you have to go full force and almost kill yourself!" --hahaha.

    Justine and Carlos have been together since she was 14.. so 14 years should be right. They seem like family to each other, really.

    Alright, gotta get some more work done before sleeping eventually. Your Thursday sounds like this past Tuesday for me... long day working at office from 1130am til 9pm.. then working at home office from 10pm til maybe 3am, talk about crazy!

    Come on weekend! :-)

    I am going to keep exercising somehow. I want my legs in better shape like they used to be. I think Justine has perfect legs, proportioned, strong, yet not too muscular looking. Mine are too skinny on the bottom part, but I guess I was born that way, ...damn.

  4. Hi Everybody,

    There's a great new video on her Official site. More inspiration for us! We can see Justine during her elbow rehab period doing pool exercises, recent training and tennis with Carlos.

    Deuce is such a good little dog, and very affectionate. But watch out Deuce, don't get hit by the medicine ball! ;)

    I downloaded a copy to view off the page. :) Take one!

  5. Hey thanks Greenout! I didnt know about the new video! yea!

  6. Hi Christie, sorry to hear about your knee...but so good that you played as Justine on Wii. I regretted last time when my PS2 was still working and I had the Top Spin PS2 game, but I nv used "Justine Henin" to play. Now when I get to know who's Justine and became a crazy fan of her, my PS2 was already spoil and cannot be played anymore..I so much wanted to play Justine on PS2!!! I wanted to try using her character and playing smart tennis. =(

    Anyway, I think you should take extremely care of yourself because you still need to stay healthy to play good Justine's tennis on Wii =P

    And yeah, I just got home not long ago, and had a bath, b4 gonna study again for my test tmr. I'm not sure about the time difference, but yeah, I just had my long Thursday...Zzz just like your crazy Tuesday...Zzzzz

    And Greenout, thank you very much for the video clip info and download! Just-in-time video stress reliever for my test tmr! Oh Juju, I love you so much! And cute Deuce! I can't wait to blog about this video cos it looked interesting, but right now, I'll have to excuse myself for that brain cells killer test tmr~ Allez Justine, her fans and me!
    Once again, Arigatou Greenout!

  7. Good Luck on Your Test ST!! We know you'll do fine. ;)

  8. Thank you Greenout for the well wishes! And forget about the test..hahahaha! but I hope God bless me in my final exams and FYP ;)