Sunday, November 7, 2010

Funny/Cute? Faces III

Ok, I admit I'm bored right now...just don't feel like studying..there I go again, being a bad bad student, I'm sorry, it's a lazy sunday for me and my brain is still partially hibernating (excuses?)

Anyway, so my hands are itchy again and feel like blogging on our lovely precious Tennis queen again 

Sorry if my this and subsequent posts (if I got the time to blog) are downright boring..that shows that my newly just regenerated brain cells are moving at a velocity of 1km/hr and my right brain needs a feather duster.

So enough of my crap and now, I'm gonna posts some of the cute expressions of Justine (At least imo, they're cute! And yes, this is a very very long post):
(And if there's any infringement of copyright of the photos, do let me know and I'll delete them, kinda forgotten the sources of the pics, I just saved them all onto my com)

I find this pic very "goofy" smiley! 
sorry Justine for posting this unglam pic (everyone of us has many much more unglam pics too)...but your eyes..looks very, hmmm...funny? 
Justine sticking her tongue out..hehehe 
She's sweet in this photo, smiling so shy and feminine like hee hee hee (giggling) while covering her small sweet mouth...(sorry ah for my super broken English) 
This is so motherly feel esp with the baby pic behind...Justine will make a good mum one day =) 
Oh this is the CHUBBY CHUBBY JUJU! I believe this is in 2005...her head blocked the no. 5 behind..I think in yr 2005, she looked the chubbiest, this must be her "fattest" look I've seen, very cute when she smiles, seriously, my arms are itching again, I wanna pull this chubby Juju out from my com and hug her real tight! 

And now some of the 2004 Olympics pics:
This is our goddess Justine! This is some power to show...Ju:"you want a piece of me?...I'll show you my power magic crystal ball.... Boom!" 
"Back to human form"-Juju playing on court...she still has that magical Tennis skills. Ju:"Now I will show you what I'm made of...WATCH OUT!" 
And..TADA! She got the olympic gold! Oh Juju, why do you look so astonished? Still can't believe you've won the gold?
And you looked so shy! Muacks! so CUTE!

Alright, now move on to some other random pics again:
Yes, this is the pic on that sad day...(but now she's back!) I post this pic cos I find this expression very innocent and she looked very blur, oh I'm a bad fan....sorry Justine, once again.
Ju:"C'mon! Bring it on! I'm not scared of Challenges, I love them! And I'll conquer them!"
Ju:"I welcome my fans to come and hug me" (If only she did say that, I'll book a ticket and fly over now, sorry, that's my fantasy)
And I'm sure she's not ready for the camera yet...which naughty Camera man took this pic?
I wonder....let me recall which camera man...
Sorry, I still can't think of who...(scratch scratch)
More of her blur blur look...wonder what's she's thinking?
Oh Justine...don't pout..success will soon come to you ^^
And that's when you'll march with fists of victory held high up in the air!
And hunks pouring champagne on your body for celebration! you like Champagne bath? A taste of victory~Yeah!
This is young Justine...oh, Juju, you haven't changed much, do you? Maybe now you didn't breathe in a big gulp of air that much anymore but adopted the lips gritting look when striking a ball (sounds confusing cos I dunno how to describe)
Ju:"what're you looking at? Pls turn away from me...I'm trying to take my jacket off, I'm very shy if you keep on looking at me"
Oh this pic is super sweet! Handsome hunk Marat Safin....Cute Justine looks so small, and had to look up so high to look at Marat.  
I've won the US Open 2003!!! Justine can't contain her excitement and happiness, I love to see her looking so happy! 
Ah...I've put alot of superglue on my palms and ready to catch Ju's blowing kiss!!! 
Is she showing disappointment or what?(I hope she's not...) I can't quite tell from this pic but I must say her whole body is very flexible, even her neck too!
And Here's a Ju and Deuce pic. Somehow I really can't see Deuce's looked very deflated here esp when it seems its head looks so flat when Justine "wiping" her face with Deuce's face? Anyway, I love the loyalty between them, and my favourite actually pugs. They look pitiful but I love them, my late grandma's fav type of dog too! Well, I love many other dogs too!  
Yes this cute pic again, which I made a wallpaper out of it. See her expression here, so super Kawaii! I must say, her hands are pretty big? Can hold four Tennis balls together, I love all her cute expressions when she's gonna hit the autographed Tennis balls into the crowd. 
Sly....allow me to use this pic that you send to me. thank you for this photo of Justine. This is really an epic look of her, look at her, smiling so silly and happily, like I've said, I love all her cute expressions when she's gonna hit the autographed Tennis balls into the crowd. She's so much like a little kid! Sometimes she's too serious and looked matured but another time when she's relaxed, she's just a fun loving gal.  
here's another Justine sticking out her tongue look. She does this often when she wins? Maybe it's her way of heaving a sigh of relief that it's finally over and happiness that she won the match!  
Oh Juju, I know you're frustrated and I know your hair is pretty strong and beautiful but pls don't hurt your hair (they're innocent..hahahaha!) Justine certainly has one of the best hair in the world...very soft and smooth, unlike mine, which is messy and rough, almost equivalent to a bush or bird nest fern.
And here's a screen capture of her...I forgot which match, but yeah, sure it's in 2007...this is another cute expression of hers. And yeah she's like saying to carlos "Hey Carlos, I've won! I did good right? Now pls prepare some Champagnes" 

And this ends my post here...and I really do not know when will be my next post, but I'll still constantly check out her news and stuffs, maybe if there's any interesting news of hers, i'll post it here.

And off topic here-just watched a little bit of Kimiko Date's match yesterday against Ana Ivanovic, and I must say, Kimiko certainly doesn't play like her age...she's playing great, really amazed me at how she can hit the ball at such acute angles with her forehand! This is all skills and determination. I respect her for her passion in Tennis to continue playing at the age of 40 and still playing such great Tennis! And I loved it when she said Justine is her favourite player! Both are classy and wonderful Women!

Alright, Cya! And good luck to Justine...hope everything goes well for her and lady luck will shine on her from now and next year onwards! Cheers!


  1. Thanks for the laughs. That second to the last photo? I hope she shows Clijsters that face in Antwerp on Dec 9!!

  2. Oh, yes LOL Justine really gets into it when hitting those autograph tennis balls into the stands!

  3. Thank you Greenout for the comments! And also thanks to Justine for bringing so much entertainment to us =P

    And do you mean the second last pic where she almost plucked out her whole lump of hair? If that's the case, I'd rather Kim be the one who's feeling frustrated...hehehe and followed by the last pic of Justine's reaction to that! (I'm evil...but I want Justine to be healthy and beating Kim with her marvelous Tennis. But no pressure on her though, just wanna her be enjoying playing Tennis and hopefully one day to bring home that "English golden plate"!)

    And yup! Justine looks the cutest on court when she's hitting those autograph tennis balls! I always love these moments of her, and I hope to see more of these! That would mean that she'll win more matches! ALLEZ!

  4. I had a very good feeling and kept the smile on my face whilst scrolling down to read your captions ST... very nice post^^

    >the last pic was against Santangelo RG07 3R
    >the quirky Justine pic whenever she throws singed tennis balls to the crowd, is always fun to see =)
    >Justine sticks-out her tongue after a win-this is too cute too ;D
    >honestly, the 1st pic reminds me of a looney tunes character but don't know who/which...-LOL sorry Ju ;D

    I think you captured every Juju cute moments in this post...I looooooooved it ;D

  5. That pic where you think Ju looks "astonished" at winning the gold medal? lol... well, I just recently saw a video of the awards ceremony for that. They play the anthem for her country, have the camera right on her face while she sings and has tears in her eyes.. very touching moment. So, she is probably simply wiping her nose there. ... Cheers everybody!

  6. Oh, and the combination of so many facial expressions is great! I in particular enjoy those 2 where she is going to hit the autographed balls. The scrunched face, then the wide-eyed smiley face.... those are so so cute!

  7. Hi Sly, thanks for the compliments!
    And thanks for identifying the last pic match, her expression in that pic is too cute..I've made a GIF on it...will post more GIFs in my next post but not that fast I think...kinda busy right now.

    And thanks for the "quirky" Juju pic! Last time when you post the link of the pic to 51sepf, I already wanted that pic alot, hehehe~ her tongue sticking out look is cute right? but her tongue isn't that long, hahaha!

    I also think her first pic looks like a cartoon character but dunno which it any case, that pic is too "goofy" to me, very cheeky =D

    Glad you loved this post ^^

    And Christie, so Ju was crying? I didn't really notice her expression during the ceremony..maybe I only remembered her smiles and subconsciously deleted her crying images in my mind. But that moment was really touching and she did her country proud! Her Olympic Semi Finals was fantastic and amazing! She's a real fighter! And considering she just recovered from illness (is it?) and she said she went there without any expectations and a surprise that in the end she won a gold..this is truely a very memorable experience for her.

    I think we all enjoyed her cute face when she's about to hit the autographed balls into the crowd...she's like a little gal, oh...I so wanna HUG her! Now "hug" this word will frequently appear in this blog :P And the scrunched face..hahaha, wad a word to describe!

  8. "Scrunched face"... yeah, thats all I could think of... so you going to pick on my English now since you always pick on your own? haha
    Anyway, check this link if you get a chance.

    The quality of the video is not so great, but you can see the closeup of her face during them playing Belgium's anthem.. so sweet. I guess you have probably already seen this?

    Also, is the "sly" here the same person who made the "Happy Henin" video? I watch that frequently because it makes ME happy! :-)

  9. Haha, I'm not picking on ur English, I wouldn't dare... ;)

    And yup, I've seen and downloaded that video already, Ju is cute in the video, too cute! And a nice place to win an Olympic gold medal...Athens-the origin of Olympics games right? And Justine looked so ancient goddess in the Belgium Olympic Prestigious (I don't care if I use this word wrongly or not, heck my English!)

    And yup, our friendly sly here is the one who made the "Happy Henin" video and I also loved that video alot. I've put that video inside my playlist in this blog, cos that Korean song also sounds very happy, a very fitting song with the title "Happy Henin". Wanna always see Justine so happy and laughing!!! =D

  10. Oui, sly's channel in yt is slyintennis ;D

    Justine's 'scrunched face' is uber cute ^^

  11. I use to love YouTube until late January 2010! You're lucky Sly because they deleted my Channel. Remember
    JHTV1? Yes, that was my Channel, but then a few videos with songs from Warner Brothers Music, and SONY Music then after three warnings or so. Ok, RTBF and that sportscaster Benjamin also put in a warning for posting a Justine interview with him. After four -six deleted videos I was still going strong. Then I posted some update of the Australian Open early round match. And then JHTV1 was suspended.

    What did I learn? Never tag your videos with any specific names of tennis tournaments. Do not name use ITunes and IMovie to directly upload to YouTube because the song/artist credits are on the video. I'm sure Apple did this on purpose to keep the copyright music legal on their side.

    P.S I like the photo layout of your page for Slyintennis Channel. :)

  12. Make more cute Juju videos, Sly!

    And Greenout, so JHTV1 was your channel! Yeah, a pity it was suspended. I wondered how many Ju videos was in it, sure still got alot of her past videos I haven't seen b4...screw YT, though sometimes, I love YT too.

    In fact, when I first admired Justine after watching her performance in Brisbane this yr, I wasn't so obsessed yet. It was thru YT when I watched some of her past matches Highlights, that I got hooked on her Tennis. So I should thank YT somehow..

    I wish there was another JHTV2 (secretly upload Ju's vids....*evil grin), anyway, thanks for the nice tips and lessons about uploading clips onto YT though I'm not using any of Apple's products...maybe next time when I'm hungry and I need a bite off an apple (I'm being lame again...), I may buy one Mac PC/Mac book?

  13. It's true! Justine is the perfect YouTube player. Her tennis is more visual and impressive than the others. They can Tweet more or play up the school girl charm, but it's tennis and Justine can do amazing shots. People never get tired of the 1-handed backhand videos! :)

  14. Haha, relax..I nv said it's false...Justine has this charm in her tennis and in her person too! The best I loved about her Tennis? Her professionalism and her game style.

    True enough, Justine isn't that much into Tweeting all day long, in fact her tweets are so few and rare that I think her fans cherished like gold for every tweets she makes. Of course I would wish for her to tweets more, keep an update on her life but I like this Justine who focused hard and more on Tennis and keeping a low profile of herself. Not like others who are attention seekers (no implications on anyone involved).

    Her professionalism is probably what makes her Tennis so exciting and nice to watch! And yes, her trademark backhand will forever be an attraction to anyone (maybe others who like me, after watching Justine's tennis, fell in love with Tennis->only Tennis played by Justine or others who play brilliant tennis)

  15. Greeny: JHTV1 used to be a goldmine of Justine vids in YT, but yea, too bad they closed your channel...
    I didn't put tags in my channel because I followed your advice to me before and because of 51-sepf's YT channel which I stumbled upon by accident... though I still put the name of the music i used, i guess YT peeps only check the tag section for keywords... ;D

    About this pic:

    I really don't remember where I got this pic from, don't know who to credit for =( ...but yes, it's a beautiful photo..i just hope the one who made this will forgive me using it as a layout pic... ^_^

    And Speaking of JH Backhand... I really planned to make a video with lots of JH backhands, I've started it months ago (before april I think) but still haven't finish it...I tried using avisynth but it's really complicated than I thought it was... I ended up with a 4 video in 1 screen shot for a mere 30sec vid..-LOL but I'll try it again on my next free time... ;D

  16. JHTV- 2011?

    I want to do creative videos again, so I opened an account with Daily Motion. ;) I also purchased my first Canon digital camera today, so I want to play around a more with iPhoto and iMovie. It's a bit of a
    hobby/entertainment thing, but a great fun way to learn new technology and design skills.

    More Justine videos!!!! :)

  17. JHTV 2.0 in Dailymotion? oui, oui, oui ;D

    You can try Veoh too Greeny or Vimeo for uploading your vids ;D

    Uhm, did you made a video entitled 'Wonders of my World-Tribute to Justine Henin', it was uploaded in YT before? I really love that video, I watched that vid a lot starting around May 2009 I think, way before Justine announced that she would play again...

  18. Hi Sly,

    "Wonders..." wasn't my video. I hardly used new or popular top 40 songs, and preferred 70's, and 80's music. Don't know why, but Justine to me (at least) doesn't fit generic very commercial American hit songs.

  19. Sly and Greenout, I hope both of you would make more interesting Justine's videos, I'm deprived of the updates of her interesting videos on Youtube...

    Are there alot of old Justine's videos that cannot be found anymore? That would be a pity...