Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just a Reminder from Justine

Justine just posted a message on her facebook...

 "8.30pm tonight, concert for the association "Justine for Kids" in Centre Culturel d'Ottignies (Belgium). I hop to see you there!! Enjoy your weekend ;-) "

Those who are available and free to go, especially those who lives near, please please support this event, for Justine, for the kids! More information on her official website. 


  1. Superb photos are out now. A nice variety- the audience/fan cam versions on Facebook from Danielle, Ilse and Inge.

    The media released versions from Belgian newspaper 7Sur7 which i posted on our JH Supporters Forum. It's always nice to to see them all and get complete coverage of an event.

    But you gotta hand it to JH, she has this really nice personal touch for charity events. It's not commercial or sponsor or even product sales - a more human approach. :)

    Study hard students! ;)

  2. Thank you Greenout for the info. I'm really excited to view all the images of Juju, wish there's some videos of her singing (I'm so greedy), but well, the photos are good enough for my everyday meal :P

    Yes, Justine is a very very down to earth person, and a kind hearted warm personality which some ppl fail to see, i can only feel sorry for them. Well, I really really love Justine, as a player and as a person, I feel so grateful to know Justine...Juju, so good to know you, Yeah! (I'm rambling again, sorry, can't control myself)