Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One old interesting article of Juju

756 people, including Belgium's former tennis champion and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Justine Henin (C), make the longest toilet queue to set a new world record in support of UNICEF's WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) campaign in Brussels March 22, 2009. 

More pictures:
~Unite for Children~
Justine surrounded by the media and the ppl
Justine signing for the kids ^^

Thanks sly for the Youtube link:
Another similar youtube link by UNICEFBELGIUM:

As this event was organized by Unicef, Justine no doubt once again supported it by joining in the queue. I didn't know that there's this event to raise public awareness and also raise funds to provide hygiene education for children in third world countries. 

Very meaningful event, oh I love our gracious kind hearted Juju!


  1. so coooooool =D
    thanks for posting ST *thumbs up*
    Justine is a very good ambassador for Unicef indeed!

    found some YT clips

    there's a crowd wave too...haha
    and then the other line was for Justine's autograph session??? ;D

  2. Thumbs up to Sly!!! Haha, I should add that YT clip together with this posting too! I go edit now, thanks for the link, sly! <3

    <3 sly, Juju!!!

  3. ♥ yay more pics... ^o^
    love Justine's pictures with kids

  4. I love Justine with kids too! And did Ju sign on one of the kids's palm? Boy, he's not gonna washing his hands forever if he gonna keep Ju's precious signature! (copy ur heart) ♥

  5. :) Ok- sure other tennis players do public things too, but Justine is genuine with her support for humanitarian programs, education and helping society. We can see that she's not dressed up looking glam, and she always speaks for the cause. Justine is there to bring the media coverage, but she celebrates the event and joins in with everyone involved. She's part of the event, but it's not about her.

    Like today when Justine posted in FB about her friend's ogranic babyfood. It's small, not particulary very commercial, but very meaningful. You can tell that Justine feels emotionally involved, with the concept and it's not plugging some new "Handbag" accessory line or jewelery. But I think Justine wouldn't share something that isn't worthwhile to fans and supporters. :)

  6. I agree with you, Greenout. It's true that it's not everything about her but the whole Unicef group effort in making the better lives of the children.

    I really appreciate of what Justine had done, somehow the haters fail to realise these (I doubt they care anyway). Speaking of the FB msg, it's really sweet of Ju to help her friend out to promote such a nice meaningful site. Ju really loves kids and would do everything for them, I believe so.

  7. Ditto!
    Indeed that Justine's effort to cooperate with the event was very special & humane... I wouldn't be a fan of her if she's a 'showy person'... but what I like the most in this event was eventhough they're all focus and busy to organise the event, she can still smile and sign some autographs to her fans specially to kids ;)

  8. Same! Wouldn't be a fan of her if she's like what you said "showy" person, maybe a fan of her tennis only.

    But really, Justine puts 100% concentration into Tennis, she wears very professionally and not like flashy fashion show. She demands quality in her play and I love that!