Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gifs animation I

I've made some of Justine Gifs yesterday as well as a few days ago....guess I couldn't get rid of the Justine's addiction :-)

And yes, Sly, I like your Happy Henin video so much that I used some parts of it as an idea for gifs making.

Oh and sorry about the alignment, I had some problems with blogger.

Let's start from her on court gifs:

The WB2001 SF perfect shot against Capriati ^^

Sorry Ana, but I love this power Backhand shot by Justine.
Here's another one in AO this yr, simply delicious bh!
Justine's pissed off action: "Open Your Eyes!" at the judge for not seeing the ball is out?

Justine's overhead Smash, look at how she moves in agility!

And three from the exhibition match:

And When Ju wins a match:

She heaved a sigh of relief after finally winning on a close match

Ju can't hide her happiness from Winning!
Yes it's this pic I made it into gifs, super cute Justine looking so astonished!
Ah this is so sweet~ I love Ju's smile, esp her winning killer smile

Now off court gifs: (3/4 from Une Star Une Femme-Sorry but I really like that exclusive programme of Ju)

Justine trying to calm the kids down?
This is the real sweet Justine-so relaxed and so friendly
I don't know what's she's laughing at-after she watched a video of her brother commenting something about her? I'd love to know the French language.

Justine actually has a very rich expression, do not be fooled by her serious expression during matches...she's just concentrating on her matches. She's a very professional player and a very respected person.

If there's a chance, I'd love to see her in person but I don't think I ever will, so maybe in my dreams :)


  1. Kawaii!!!

    so many cute JH gif's O-O love it!

    the "Open Your Eyes!" gif is awesome LOL

    I'd also made some JH gif's before but they're small ;(

    btw, what program do you use ST?

  2. Haha Sly, I love that pissed off Justine gif too! Shows so much character and the desire to win in her.

    And I've made more gifs today too and surprisingly, same as you, I'm making the US Open 2007 SF gifs :) We have the same taste!

    And sad to say, I didn't know which good gifs making software to download, especially those without watermarks and allows me to make big gifs one.

    So, I made them myself using Photoshop, and yeah, stupidly frame by frame, that's why I can't choose those long scenes to make as it's very time demanding.

  3. haaauuuunnn @-@ so you made these thru Photoshop... I thought from an easy way... you're darn good ST (high-5) ^^

    So then, more Henin gif's plsssssss...hihi :D

  4. Sorry to disappoint you for the software part, haha! And thanks for the compliment! I love your gifs too! Justine's elegance oncourt :b :P

    Maybe not for now, I may have to stop blogging for a short while again...I gotta finish my other tasks first but I'll keep a lookout for Justine's news

  5. :) I really like the Gif selections you did, but all the flashing is making me dizzy! LOL

    The music player application on your blog is really cool too.

    A reminder, but Justine's doing her ambassador to the Netherlands/Belgium bid for the FIFA world Cup 2018 thing later today (16:00 hrs cet) in Brussels. It's a big deal because the FIFA guys are going to check the venues etc... We hope to see alot of Justine photos later on for the media/pr presentations! I'm pretty excited and I know all Ju-fans will want to see new photos of her.

    Check back on our Forum and at Ilse's news FB page.

    See ya!

  6. Oh- by the way. I'm still thrilled about those wonderful 2006 Randstad buried treasure you uncovered. So, I have decided to send out some rare, rare photos in return to you!

    I'm going to post them later tonight on our Forum, so check out the photo thread. Really really, superb photos! And I mean fantastic! :) It's going to say, do not post elsewhere on the Forum, but I give you full permission to post them in your blog, but you can't take off the Globereports logo, and you have to put the name of the photographer in the credits.

    See ya,


  7. Thank you Greenout!!! You make me suddenly feels so pumped up and can't wait to go to the forum and check them out!

    And thanks for the permission to post them, and sure I'll give full credits if I ever post them on my blog, thank you very much!