Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick updates...

This is Justine's message to us on her website:

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Her elbow injury is definitely more serious than anyone would have thought. It's healing slow but at least it's healing good. Though it's sad that this would indicate her rest of the season in 2010 would be cancelled but I'll wait for her brand new start in 2011. 

Fans of Justine, please pray for her good health! Let's pray that no more injuries for Justine in the future and more luck for her! I believe Justine would be stronger mentally, probably physically too in 2011!


  1. Hi ST,

    I feel better after reading Justine's little message on the Official Justine Henin Facebook page! She asks for patience, and everyone to be positive. :) Really happy that she posted that because there was some rude hater comments by doubters writing that she might give up.

    No! untrue! :)

    And you have to read the comments area because the photographer Hans Westerling also left a comment beneath her FB message. He wrote in French and it's nice something about how the heart must listen to the body if there is a little pain, and have time to heal. :)

    (You'll have to log into FB and read Hans Westerlings post).



  2. Thank you Greenout, I didn't know that she posted a message on her facebook, maybe right after I was offline.

    I'm really happy to read her message too cos she asks for patience which is what I'm happy to hear about. I'm glad to see how mature and how calm and patient Justine is now.

    And thanks for the translation of Mr Westerling's msg. Maybe his words will remind Justine of the days in Cambodia where although life is hard, the ppl have a strong will to live on and stay united.

    We will wait for her return in 2011 then :)