Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some rare pics

Alright, I'm given the permission to post these beautiful rare pics of our queen Juju here but with some conditions:
Please do not post elsewhere on the internet, tennis forums, or on Facebook, thank you!

Photos credits to: Didier Mossiat

Once Again, Thank you Greenout for these photos!


  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!
    all these pics are so fabbbbbbb...
    I love them, thank you G and C again

  2. You're welcomed niki, G & C...haha!

  3. Hi,

    I noticed you posted Justine's EU kids breakfast campaign video. Let me give you the link of the page for all the details of it. I like it when Justine does these sort of PA for the community. She's very aware and they really don't give her the credit deserved in Belgium. But her Mom was a teacher, so a good attitude toward civics and society is something she learned as a child.

    The video was filmed at her club/academy. If you click the box on the vid, you can see it on a larger version.

    The skateboarding Apple (it was an apple right?! LOL) made me smile. Hope Mr. Apple did bang into Carlos.

    **By the way You're very welcomed Niki. Keep up your studies.

  4. As always, thank you Greenout for the link. I didn't know the original link of the video, so I'm glad to know it's source and the actual meaning behind the shooting of that video.

    And I didn't notice the skateboarding Apple (I think it's an apple with a leaf hair) until you pointed it out!