Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Justine Addicted!!!

Even though Justine doesn't have any matches, I find myself too obsessed in her that I can spend large amount of time on the net searching info about her. The following are what I'm "suffering" right now:

  1. Search for Justine's pics from all sources I know.
  2. Can't help it but saves lots of her pics onto my hard disk
  3. Downloading her past matches and re-watching them several times and taking screenshots of her cute face.
  4. Will unintentionally smiles the moment when seeing Justine smiles onscreen
  5. Feels so elated when she won the matches and receives the trophy (even though it's from the old matches yrs ago, hopefully more in the future esp Grand Slams)
  6. will listen to every word she says even if it's in French which I don't understand at all
  7. Will tend to observe every emotions of her especially when she's taking a rest during matches
  8. Transferring her pics and videos to my phone, and set her picture as my wallpaper and screensaver (both com and phone)
  9. Will get frustrated when she loses a point in a match even when it's a past match and I'm re-watching it.
  10. loves to read other ppl opinions on Justine and will auto-screen out all those negative hate messages or even try to argue back.
  11. I'm actually liking her intense look on court which shows how much concentration she puts in a match, that's why when she smiles during a match, it would be a killer smile : )
  12. Suddenly finds the urge to learn Tennis to appreciate this amazing sport and take French just to understand what she says.
  13. Feels so empty when there's no Justine matches, it's really bored.
  14. And it's even worse when I'm neglecting my other work which I've to do and yet got stuck in Justine's addiction.

Does anyone has the same syndrome as me?

I know some are just bad and I can't help it sometimes. Time to do my other work. Meanwhile, let me drool over these cool and cute pics of Juju! (All are screen captures and the size is large!)
My handsome cool Juju~
First time I've ever seen her looking so astonished
One killer warm smile from Justine makes my day : )
I always love how she looks so different and friendly off court
The boy that she's hugging is very very cute! One day I hope to have a son so handsome. He's as cute as our Juju! (Pls ignore/refrain from commenting her hair here, hehehe)
Looking blur?
This is the look that she normally gives on court. I love her features especially her nose.


  1. Me addicted about Justine: sly got hit by a tennis ball in front of her pc with head on the keyboard but raises her feet ;D

    All the 14 signs were spot on ST...lol

    1st pic: very cool pic indeed... love the concentration ( I can tell she's about to serve on this pic, lol I remember this look as I've watched USO 2007 SF seveeeeeeeeral times^^)

    2nd pic: I repeatedly watched this scene too...lol WTT 07, I remember laughing so hard... sorry Juju, hehe...

    4th pic: Steffi on the right side?

    5th pic: no comment ;D

    OT: I watched the Suisse Open in Gstaad Final last Sunday: Almagro vs Gasquet... (sly now a fan of Nicolas) Almagro looks so cool indeed and he won but I kept comparing their 1HBH with JH's... theirs look so jerky... ;D

    Allez Justine!

  2. Hi 5 sly! I'm so glad you're as crazily Justine-addicted as me!

    Yes, USO 2007 SF i will watch several times too, so bingo! You're right! She's about to serve, but I kinda forgot whether she served an ace or not, or it's another serve.

    And 2nd pic, hehehe, i keep on replaying that part cos I was kinda "shocked" to see why Justine had that look on her face. And I'm "laughing soundlessly" everytime I watch it.

    4th pic: I dun think that's steffi. Justine was there for autograph signing.

    Yes, I shall skip over 5th pic except to comment on how cute that boy is...I wonder who he is?

    I didn't watch the final but I did happen to watch Almagro's QF there. And suddenly I realised that there's so many single BH in ATP, but just like you, I also compared their BH to Justine and even keep on saying: "Justine's BH is so much better and precise" hehehe :D

  3. same here, i am spending way too much time browsing the net and searching for her news. even spending too much time rewatching her old matches. and no, i don't like match highlights, i only like the full match record so i get to see all the details, mood and turnaround spirit of her. sigh. maybe now her break will give me a break too.

    and i get extremely nervous when watch her play games, praying that she won't make stupid mistakes, get unproportionately excited when she wins a match and extremely upset when she loses (even worse feeling than my own competition on other sports).

    i like to see and dream her being the best again, hate to see people writing her off or saying she has passed her prime.

    i love her fighting spirit, it is a hope in life you can count on, someone pouring out her heart to make the best out of it. i hugely admire the determination and that's why i am a fan.

  4. Wow! Almost sounds like what I'd do here too..I guess all Justine's fans are the same?
    I too do not like match HL if there's a full match of her available for download, I only watch highlights when there aren't a full match download.

    I'm thinking probably the same as you that her break now will give me a break too but I doubt myself if I can really "forget" about Justine for a while.

    And I agree, I love her fighting spirit, somehow her eyes emit those fire too, which captured my attention in the first place and eventually I became her fan.