Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Justine as Ambassador for the FIFA World Cup bid Netherlands/Belgium

Full text in the link below:

And some pics taken from the JH forum:

Justine gives the speech:

And as for the wonderful pics that Greenout you've given me the permission to post, I'll post it next time with a new post just for those splendid pics, thank you very much!!


  1. I'm so busy on my work stuffs...how no time to catch up with any news of Juju.
    so just come to visit your blog, I can update all news in Juju world,

  2. Hello niki, it's alright to be busy with your work, just don't get stressed out.

    Relieving stress-keep Juju in your heart and think of her and smile. ;)

  3. no more justine for 2010... truly missing her from tennis fans. sigh. get better, stay refresher, more peaceful and more focused for 2011, justine!

  4. Hi Jo, yes, it's sad that 2010 is a closed case for Justine. But let's stay positive like Justine and hope 2011 turns out to be an exciting and a very good yr for our Queen Justine :)