Saturday, August 21, 2010

Full Justine speech for the Belgium/Holland bid

Source from youtube by hollandbelgiumbid (they have more videos regarding the bid, and also can have a view on Belgium city)

And one small part of Justine in the TV behind in the video: (at 1:16-1:21, there's even a short clip of little Ju playing soccer)

Justine really sounded nervous with alot of pauses but considering that English ain't her first language, she's pretty good in giving the speech...she really looked like a politician to me. Justine always got this "career woman" aura just like the pics below:

I simply love Justine in suit! Be it White or Black suit :-)


  1. Justine is so impressive with that English speech. I don't think I could handle doing one in French!!! Loved it. I'm going to post this on our Forum too. A classy speech. Bravo.

    Thanks ST.

  2. Hi Greenout, when I found this clip just yesterday night, I was so excited to hear her speech and was amazed at how good she speaks in English :)

    I can put the clip in my phone and can listen to her speech all day now :P

  3. I really like the way Justine used the word "phenomenal" into her speech. Not only did she pronounce it properly, but the context and grammer of her sentence was spot on!
    Justine's English language vocabulary is better than some of our American tennis players! LOL :)

  4. Yes, I also like what she had said: "tremendous boost to football in particular, and all other sports in general"...if this whole speech is written by her, I really wanna kudos to her, for being able to write such a classy thoughtful speech.

    And her grammer I think is much better than me, and her vocab knowledge may be better than me too, my English is...bleh =X Time to learn French and English from Juju :P