Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is Justine Handsome too?

I find her face pretty interesting. She has the facial features of a woman, definitely, but I also find her face to be quite handsome, maybe much handsome than some of the men in ATP, haha!

This pic shows that she can be quite pretty yet quite handsome too!

Oh, I simply love her smile (though there's some wrinkles everytime she smiles..but her smile is charming!)

Let's analyze her face here..big sharp eyes with deep concentration, beautiful pointed sharp nose and small thin lips->definitely the looks of a woman but can be a pretty boy/man too! I really love her nose here and her big black eyes, simply beautiful!

Now this is the pic that I could proof how handsome she can be, with her killer charming smile and big beautiful double eyelidded eyes!

Simply Love her as a professional Tennis Player with her well-known most beautiful single backhand, love her as a beautiful woman inside out and also as a handsome "young man" (no offense to miss henin, but u captured my heart!)

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