Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hit for Haiti Women doubles-juju!

Ok, I know it's all over but then I managed to get to watch the match uploaded by TheForehand youtube user. Thanks to him/her! I've trim the videos to include 2 interesting rallies:
This is one interesting part!

I can see that Justine is trying to be funny here not through words but actions, how cute! Justine is trying to hit high and making them do the volley shots back and she goes hitting it back high again, Martina hardly get to hit any shots here. Time for Justine to get funny for a while eh? I can see that Steffi and Lindsay knew Justine's trying to be funny so they keep hitting back to her until I think they got tired of it so gonna end it :)


  1. Awesome blog... hi there ST, glad you already watched the HFH exho... I can't stop laughing at that part where Justine returns Lindsay & Steffanie's OH smashes...haha.. agree, even without words Justine finds a way to be funny... and it's really funny...^o^

    -sly (prue is one of my monicker, I have a lot you know ryt!) =p

  2. Ok, I already changed my blogspot name, sheeesh...I'm always so impulsive... didn't chaged it before posting...haha, I used to have an account at blogspot before and my profile name is prue... =)

    hey nice links you have, the baidu site is a goldmine for me... lots of young Ju pics...haha