Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funny Faces?

I happened to look thru my set of Justine pictures and found some of her having some funny faces pics (though some of them still have her serious look!)..and decided to post up here:
Not sure if tht's the actual length of her tongue..if it is, then it's pretty short? Normal? Lol, but she looks cute!

This is the screen capture from her semi finals olympic match with myskina...She's drinking water! Another unusual thing I found myself common with her: I also like to drink a big gulp of water and hold it inside my mouth b4 slowly swallowing them down the throat. Juju definitely look the cutest here, look how big her eyes are, with the winning determination look!~

Wad is the thing that makes Justine so confused? I dunno neither..

Ah~ This is the pic I got from http://www.tennisforum.com/showthread.php?t=379889, there's more edit to this pic, with her face compared to a smiley (sorry I couldn't find that page as the thread is too long to find one by one but there are many other interesting funny pics of other players in this thread!) but this is one epic pic though, she really looks like a smiley! May click on the pic to enlarge!

Let me give you a big inflated kiss of victory! MUACKS!

I know Juju is a great soccer player too, she can kick the ball well but seriously wouldn't this outfit restricts her movement? Wearing Jeans underneath a tight skirt..hmmm..doesn't look that bad to me on her but definitely would be sweating like hell if I ever wear like this in Singapore.

I believe there are more interesting pics of her but I've yet to go find them..ok let's just say this is Funny Faces part 1, will post a part 2 if there's more pics of cute Justine!

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  1. I want the Ju Funny Faces 2.0
    haha,.. just kidding, no pressure though...lol

    the Justine errh smiley errh Justine smiley is absolutely funny... =)

    - sly