Sunday, February 28, 2010

Justine and her Dog

So while waiting impatiently for the Indian Wells Tournament, I've been searching for some pics of Justine and clicking on most of the visited links that are related to Justine..she's really a low profile gal! There's not much news of her on google and I do not have the interest to search any Belgian websites for her news, not unless I learnt some french or dutch.
So here's something to share:
I nv knew that she could drive! But then it was of no surprise to me since she looked like she knows everything, from Tennis to snow skating, sky diving, soccer..etc I wonder wad else she hasn't tried...btw, can you see that black little thing on her lap? Yup, tht's her doggie, Deuce (wad a name in Tennis term!) Oh, and wassup with tht stern look on her face? C'mon, it's not during a Tennis match now, miss Henin!

We can see very well that she loves her dog, even bringing it to her training...somehow I'm so envious of Deuce lol!
I nv thought that her doggie was cute b4 I saw this pic..looks pretty adorable, just that I can't see it's nose and almost it's eyes if it wasn't for the reflection of light from the camera!

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