Thursday, June 24, 2010

R3 To beat Nadia Petrova!

Justine advances to the next round where her opponent is Nadia Petrova. So far, Juju played great but I hope she won't lose her concentration like what she did in the second set where she was leading 5-1 which eventually leads to a 7-5 to close out the match.

Always giving fans heart attack, Justine! Pls, my heart is very weak, so pls play consistently and well against ur Big opponent Nadia in R3!!!

Nadia has a power serve and hits pretty hard (I hope the grass will slow down her balls, hehehe, and absorb some powers) but I believe Ju can still beat her since she has experience in handling these kinds of heavy servers. Still, Nadia is a threat and if Ju can win, her 4R opponent most likely to be Kim Clijsters..bleh! Lousy draw, all the belgians are in the same quarter, "killing" each other while the Williams sisters are happily slaying off other ppl. Damn!

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