Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Justine Wimbledon R1 wins!

Justine won the 1st round of Wimbledon!!! I didn't watch the match, sorry, it was too late to stay up to watch it (for my time) but I just woke up to check the result and it was good. I read the thread on Women Tennis Forum and ppl said that Ju played pretty solid game, just need to work on her serve ;)
Considering her 1st Wimbledon match for 2/3 yrs since her un-retirement, it's pretty good to win in straight sets to me and she had 24 winners :D
Now step by step, moving to R2, hopes she continues to play better as she will encounter the likes of Nadia Petrova/Kim Clisters in the later matches, but I always have faith in Justine beating them. Ju, relax abit, dun get too tensed up! Good luck!!! God bless our Queen Fighter Justine!

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