Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justine in Kim's farewell party

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging these days, I know there's news of Justine regarding Kim's farewell "party" but I'm feeling very down and low energy for these past few days + my network sucks!

News articles links are here:


The photos:
Kim may be a good disco dancer, Justine...she can't dance with the baby in her tummy 
This is the non verbal way of "Allez!" 
Why did the ball cover Mr cute's face? No wonder Justine don't look that happy 
2 loving couples, one is the royals of the belgium, while the other is the royals of my heart, Ju is queen of my heart, get it? 
Wah...serious Ju and Benoit! 
The Belgian champions 

The rest of the photos, you can find it at Belga pics website, just search for Justine's name. But all have watermarks in them.

In any case, I need to rewatch Justine's matches to lift my mood up and maybe a virtual celebration that the world still continues


  1. Thanks for sharing, it's really nice to see Ju all done up make up and hair, I feel like its been a while :) It seems strange to know Kim's now retired too, she's had a great career and kids which makes it understandable of course, but the it seems the players of Ju's generation are now starting to go... however I'm happy to see them there and for their futures to come :) Merry Christmas, Chia!

  2. Hi Sarah, Merry X'Mas to, sorry that I'm late, it's 26 dec now. Yup, I can't wait for the future, or the near future of little Juju to come, really a bonus if he/she is also playing marvellous tennis with single backhand!