Thursday, July 29, 2010

Added a new Gadget

Thanks to niki, I went to her blog and I liked the idea of putting some music to the blog. Sorry if the songs I've put doesn't suit your taste, you can always press the pause button to stop it ;)

And to Sly, I've used your video and 51sepf's video of Justine cos I really loved them and the music used in them, thank you for the youtube clip! I've added in the US Open 2007 semi final Highlights cos to me it's the best most intense and exciting high level match I've ever watched!

There's one video on Justine singing as well hehehe...she's not a bad singer! I actually find her voice pretty sexy! A very feminine voice, she can try publishing albums and I'll be sure to buy them!

The rest of the songs are random added by me, cos I find them very touching, romantic and some of the song lyrics are dedicated to Justine.

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