Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Empire of Sports?

I went to Justine's website and found out one of her sponsors is the Empire of sports. I was curious so I installed the game and try it out but I seldom play it anymore, anyway, I've screen captured some of the pics, you can see "Justine" in there :)

Does the above woman looks in the least bit like Justine?

This is her Clubhouse in the game, nice beautiful Justine's pics and yes I'm trying to wear the same colour of her sports wear, the pink pink combination.

Carlos is standing and posing very cool in front, oh and little Justine is right further behind of Carlos.

There's some parts of the place where you can click to link to her sites such as her OS, her Justine4Kids, I think.

They have used beautiful Justine pics to beautify the place, hehe!

And time for a short QA session with Justine!

And guess what? I got a racket from Justine in the game after completing her mission!

I'm so happy even though this is only a game and no, I'm not gonna pay to play for more access to her VIP room so, sorry, no more further interaction with Juju in the game.

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