Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banner Changed!

While Waiting impatiently for Justine to get 100% well soon and come back to play beautiful Tennis again, I've made another animated gif for this blog, dedicated to her.

I've also made smaller gifs for the previous banner and the current banner:

Do pardon for my poor skills in doing animated gifs, I'm not a pro, just trying it out. And the pics I used for this banner are shown below:

(The above pic is the only pic which I didn't used cos I just can't think of how to fit it in)

I may try to do a wallpaper with some of these pics as well, not a complicated one since my desktop will have many icons which will cover the left side of the wallpaper. You can try it too with these pics, I find the pics a very nice set of Justine's photo shoot.


  1. Hi,

    Wow. These pics are great from the session for Randstad.
    I seen a view of them, but not the full set.

    Is it ok, if I post them on our Supporters forum. It's really one of those lost treasures from the first career.

    Wonderful stuff! :)

  2. Hi greenout,

    Sure, I don't mind at all. I think Justine fans should take a look at these wonderful set of pics!


  3. Lovely pics ST + add spot-on captions = uber awesomeness

    Light blue and white...very very cool pics...hmmm this outfit was from 2006 right, she wore light blue with black skirt for the uso series and it look intense but the white shirt looks dazzling on Justine...

    --Tennis is not just a sport.

    --When Justine plays it... No one plays it more beautiful than Justine Henin.

    Awesome gifs indeed! =)

  4. Thanks sly for the compliment. Yes, Ju looks great in sports wear and I suppose it's 2006? I'm not really sure but yeah, white always looks great on Justine just like the red one.

    It took not too long to come up with the captions since I'm speaking the truth for Justine. She's the one that attracts me into watching Tennis which in the past I'd rather watch NBA, so she's the ONE! Allez!