Friday, July 9, 2010

Best Of Belgium, Best Of Justine!

I'm late to post this, but I really can't resist looking at beautiful Justine's photos! Allow me to borrow these pics from the forum and other sources, I need to beautify my dull blog with Justine's lovely photos!

Pics are not arranged in order here:

Oh Franny, you're always on cute funny woman, you made them laugh!
Celebrating World Cup too?
I always loved Ju's side view, very nice and charming! The prince and princess love her too!

The "Belgian Sisters" waving to the crowd, saluting them!

Seriously, if I were that driver, I would probably nose bleeding by now, surprised how he managed to look so calm and in fact, emotionless (maybe he's trying to act cool?)

Oh, Ju sitting in front, Uncle driver, how can you still act cool and not blushing? Probably in this pic, we can't see him nose bleeding cos Ju's hand helping to cover it!

Ju is the prettiest of all, IMO!!!

Lady JuJu, so beautiful and so lady like!!! She looks so gorgeous in dress! I wish she would wear more of these dresses during off court time and not always the Adidas sportswear (though I love it too!)
I'm sure we'll be seeing you in more thrilling actions soon, Justine! Cya and get well soon! (Still pains me in the heart to see her arm in cast)

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