Friday, July 30, 2010

Alright! Update on Juju's injury!

Thanks to all the sources given, Jo, I'll just paste the whole thing here...thanks!
google translate:

Henin resumed training in late August? 07/28/2010
Justine Henin (WTA-12), still recovering from an elbow injury that she suffered in London, on Tuesday took control of the doctor.

In the Walloon newspaper, Gazette des Sports spokesman tells her that if anything positive is continuing Henin in the best scenario at the end of August to resume training. "The four weeks rest have done their work. Justine has to be cautious and remain patient. "

Henin, just returned from a holiday in southern France, taking her injury in its own words 'philosophy' and continue working hard on her condition. "It was the right decision not to opt for surgery," her spokesman decision.

That's a good sign and yes, I'm so glad that she didn't go through surgery cos look at what happened to Maria after her shoulder surgery (if I'm not wrong), she took so much time to heal and it's nv be the same as b4 again.

So now, I'm glad Justine is healing well, hopefully this progresses good too and we'll be seeing her soon! We fans should pray for her full recovery and bright future!

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